Introducing Roboraptor: About Time We Got A Smart Pet Cyborg Dinosaur!

As a kid who grew up in the 90’s Jurassic Park and its iconic velociraptors made a lifelong impression on me and my imagination, so I’d have flipped my lid with excitement if I discovered this bipedal beast under the Christmas tree!


The Roboraptor is a 32” long robotic dinosaur that has impressed me not only with its sleek “techno-raptor” design, (really digging the antenna horns), but with the creature’s fluid animal-like movements and behaviors. While “dumb” toys bumble along the floor until they hit walls and furniture, the Roboraptor is actively scanning its environment with infra-red vision, sonic sensors and multiple touch sensors on its mouth, chin and tail to realistically react to stimuli. Roboraptor’s awareness, coupled with the creature’s multiple attitudes and behaviors are sure to keep kids, kids who never “grew up” (Like me!), and easily spooked pets occupied for ages.


Roboraptor moves, looks, sounds and acts like a futuristic pet, but it’s as cute or as feisty as you want him to be, depending on whether the computer creature is set to “hunter,” “cautious” or “playful.” If it were up to me, I’d enjoy setting Roboraptor to “free roam” while hoping that it acts “playful” so my new futuristic throwback will saunter all over the house, while introducing itself to and/or hunting my pets as they meet. Dinosaur fans and robot nerds can finally come together to enjoy Wowwee’s wildest toy yet, so if you’re one of the above, what are you waiting for? The neighbor’s cat isn’t going to scare itself!


Source: Wowwee Toys

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Oct 13, 2013
by Anonymous

Did you guys not get the

Did you guys not get the memo that this came out five years ago?