Intuitive Surgical Sued Again

Surgery always comes with risks, and so does technology. So when you add a new advanced technology to a surgical procedure there is always a risk. Patients and doctors however need to be aware of those risks in order to make good decisions about which courses of treatment are best for the situation at hand. Failing to make exactly that kind of a notification has a woman in the state of New Jersey suing Intuitive Surgical, the makers of the da Vinci surgical robot system.  The claim is that damage done by a known, but not well reported risk, associated with the use of the system caused her serious harm. The harm, in the form of abdominal pain and serious problems with the proper functioning of her bowels, is alleged to have been caused by the machine. The risk in this system is that electricity can ark off of the tip of the robot and onto the human body.  The company is being sued for not properly warning the surgeons of the possible defect, and about the risks of cleaning tools by rubbing them against each other during surgery. This common practice damaged the protective coating on the device. This suit is one of more than 25 current filed against the company.  Source: NJ Image: Morgue File