Invent Affordable Home Security Product, Win $10,000 From Global Security Experts Inc!

The innovators behind the OnGARD Security Door Brace and SMART Dummy Camera are looking to you to invent the next big advancement in home security devices, and are willing to pay big bucks for your best idea.

While your home security product concept can essentially be anything, it needs to be able to sell at retail for $99 or less. Global Security Experts are open to any variety of security innovation, ranging from door locks and lighting systems, to fake surveillance cameras and alarms. As long as it’s affordable and a deterrent for home invaders, you’ve got a chance at the ten grand.

Here’s the deal: You’ll need to construct your comprehensive concept presentation for your new security device with prototype devices, detailed model sketches, an inclusive description of the item, and/or images of the completed invention. My favorite part of this contest is that submissions are to be sent directly to Jordan Frankel, the security guru and founder of Global Security Experts Inc.

If you have the ultimate and reasonably priced home security product and it is a better idea that training an attack baboon* to fire a nail gun at potential burglars (*Patent pending, do not steal), then do yourself a favor by sending it to


You only have until August 31st 2013 to submit your home security product to the first ever Global Security Experts Inc Home Security Invention Contest, so get to work!

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