Invent Six-Ringed Wearable Art, Win $4,000!

The Origomu Master & Protégé Contest is challenging inventors and an underprivileged female friend of theirs to design and share an empowering accessory using those plastic six-pack rings that end up killing marine life when they hit the ocean for a chance to win thousands of dollars.



While the soda can holding plastic six-ring devices are supposed to be sliced up so they don’t choke seabirds and fish to death, this contest goes miles further with an environmentally sound “disposal” method that doubles as an affordable and stylish accent piece. Origomu wants to push designers to twist, bend and cut six-ring can holders in creative ways to fashion “loops,” “flowers,” “spikes” and other visually interesting designs that are easily bound to form a necklace or bracelet composed of intricate shapes.



Master designers and their Protégé friends have until February 15th, 2014 to submit your most brilliant plastic six-pack ring themed jewelry into Origomu’s latest contest. The First, Second and Third Place prize winning teams will receive $4,000, $2,000 and $1,000 respectively, to be split evenly between them. Not only will your unique and inventive recycled jewelry art be used to inspire others around the planet to consider what truly is trash or treasure, but you’ve got a shot at a nice wad of cash too!

If you’d like to learn more about Origomu, their worldwide mission and the Master & Protégé Contest, click here. As always, have fun, good luck, and don’t forget to recycle!