Need This New Invention? Online Shopping Tracking App

With just over a week to go until Christmas, you may be coming down to serious crunch time on getting those presets purchased and in the house. For a lot of people this means going online and ordering like crazy. That's a Slice Online Shopping Tracking AppSlice Online Shopping Tracking Appgreat way to avoid the crush of crowds and the lines at the cash register. The only problem is keeping track of all of those purchases, when they are shipping, and when they arrive. Now you can track them all with the Slice Online Shopping Tracking App on your Smartphone.

The app works with your email inbox to store all of your receipts from different websites in one convenient place. You don't have to try to keep track of what has shipped, what has arrived, and what is still pending. The app tracks that for each of those packages.

There's even more -- the app will also notify you of any recalls for any of the products that you purchased so that you will know in a timely manner what you need to do to have the item fixed or replaced.

For items that you purchased that are eligible for price adjustments, the app will also notify you if you have qualified for a discount or refund. 

The app also keeps things stored by item so that if you can't remember the specific brand of something you ordered and now love -- from pet food to bubble bath -- all you have to do is check your Slice app and there you will have that name right at your fingertips. No more wracking your over-worked brain with one more detail.

To download Slice, click here or download from iTunes.

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