Invention Of The Week? 20:16 MoonWalker Shoes Defy Gravity

This is one small step for man, and one giant leap for city dwellers.

If you enjoy getting around on foot, then you will love a new pair of shoes – to the moon and back - that just hit the market.

You see, a team of inventors in New York City have developed the 20:16 Moonwalker Shoes (made by MoonWalker). They are space-age shoes specifically designed so that you actually experience what it feels like when walking on the moon.

According to its inventors, these shoes made for both men and women “defy gravity,” and they are futuristic in every sense.

Houston, We Are Ready To Walk

The ‘walking on the moon’ sensation the shoes provide comes from two layers made in each shoe. Each layer comprises of very slim and powerful N45 magnets. These magnets, which are normally used to lift anything from massive barbells to cars, are tactfully placed so that the north poles face one another and this creates a unique repellent-like-force making your feet feel light. Once you put these shoes on your feet you will feel like you are actually leaping and bounding like an astronaut on ground level.

The soles are made from memory-style foam that automatically hugs the shape of your foot.

The exterior of the shoes is a soft gray synthetic fabric and white gradient featuring a padded, non-slip tongue. Its inventors indicate that “inside is a DuPont Tyvek synthetic polyethylene, which is the same material used by NASA on their space station modules.”

Lift Off!

The 20:16 MoonWalker shoes are developed with the idea that everyone should be able to know what it feels like to walk on the moon, not just astronauts,” explains its team of inventors.  “The 20:16 MoonWalker shoes shows off an urban design for the men and women on a mission: to conquer the world with their feet.”

What’s even more unique with these new and styling shoes is they are “smart.” That’s right they are the first shoes ever that connect with an app (the 20:16 MoonWalker App). Users can keep track of their walking distance and connect with social media channels to get updates. The app is a great tool as well for the health conscious types as walking is probably the best form of exercise going – just ask your doctor.

When ordering your pair you can also have your own logo or name embedded on the side of each shoe.

So, are you curious about the price of these shoes? They are affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when going to buy a pair. The standard pair retail for $139.00 (USD), and the more advanced pair, called the 20:15 MoonWalker V2, are being sold for $199.00.

Are you ready to conquer the world one step at a time?