Invention Of The Week? Brush Your Teeth In 10 Seconds With GlareSmile

A team of inventors in Milan, Italy, have just developed the world’s first electric style toothbrush that will automatically ensure you get the correct brushing technique in just 10 seconds, while at the same greatly improving your overall oral health.

Meet GlareSmile - a smart toothbrush that does wonders for people of all ages.

And an invention like this is needed in a big way. According to GlareSmile’s team of inventors, “dental caries is the most widely distributed disease in the world and in the U.S. it affects more than 90 percent of adults over 40.” Its inventors also report that in “the U.S. only 58 percent of children actually brush their teeth twice a day and only 34 percent of them brush no more than two minutes.” And in hospitals it’s also no secret that the “main barriers to oral hygiene are lack of time and staff and physical difficulties of patients.”

The Intelligent Toothbrush

GlareSmile is new patented technology that includes three brushes that simultaneously clean your teeth. The two outer brushes look after both sides of each tooth, while the central brush cleans the bottom. These three small brushes move quickly which ensures the plaque on your teeth is removed very quickly, with no risk of mistakes.

All you need to do with this new oral technology is slide it straight on your teeth and it does the rest for you: It is self-driving and effective as it brushes three surfaces all at the same time.

For those with braces, dental implants, and those who suffer from periodontal disease, gingival recession, and gingival bleeding, you can use this new invention with ease and it will help improve you overall oral health with guidance from your dentist.

GlareSmile Is Innovative

GlareSmile has a 1.77” touchscreen display, and has torque control to ensure safety. The touchscreen display allows you to pick to the mode you want for brushing: manual, sensitive, deep, and massage.  

The new oral device also offers UV LED for bacteria disinfection, and has an easy on/off button.

And GlareSmile will give the eco-conscious types something to smile about: the device is made from recycled materials and comes with its very own solar charger.

Even better, GlareSmile comes with a docking station, and yes it also has an app that syncs with its internal built-in memory that keeps track of important data: brushing time, pressure on your teeth, and modes used. You can quickly download pertinent info onto your smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet and send it right to your dentist’s inbox.

This new invention is very affordable as it retails for only $120 (USD) and it will last you a long time.

So, getting brushing and get smiling. GlareSmile is an invention that will certainly script a new chapter in the oral health industry.