Invention Of The Week? Comet Is A Floating Smartphone

Well over 82.5 million smartphones have been destroyed by water and thousands end up lost in restrooms, pools, beaches and oceans.

Good news smartphone addicts, Comet has just hit the market and it’s the first of its kind mobile device that is ideal for water savvy enthusiasts.

Comet, which has been developed by a team of inventors in San Jose, California, is a smartphone that not only floats but it is also water-resistant.

With Comet, you can swim and surf or comb the beach without having to worry about destroying your trusty phone that keeps you connected to the world around you.

So, what inspired a team of inventors to develop the world’s first floating and water resistant smartphone?

“Comet was designed with the core belief that smartphones are not merely devices, but extensions of who we are,” explains Comet’s team of developers. “Smartphones are becoming the primary way we reach out to people around the globe. This means your phone is not just a device, but a custodian of your life and its countless experiences. As a result, Comet is not merely a smartphone, but a true extension of the person.”

Meet The First Buoyant Smartphone

The Android powered device is smart on many levels. Call this the next generation smartphone.

What makes this smartphone so unique is that it is water proof and dust proof, so you don’t have to worry about using it as well on sandy beaches. It is also equipped with a 16 MP autofocus front and rear camera and dual LED notification lights. The device captures breathtaking images and videos.

The LED lights also work in sync with Comet’s mood recognizer feature. Its biometric platform detects your body temperature and then identifies emotion – happiness, excitement, love, and enthusiasm - through various colors displayed on a dashboard.

This smartphone has 4 GB of RAM and its screen is 4.7”. Its 1080 P HD AMOLED display is impressive too. The device comes with a 2800 mAh battery that will last for about 10 hours of full use (texting, phone use, snapping pics and recording video).

Comet also features QLOCK. This new technology uses military grade encryption so no one can spy on your phone calls and texts or your web browsing history.

Dive In, Get A Comet

This device will certainly do well on the market. Why? Well, simply because just about everyone who owns a smartphone worries about water damage.

Comet supports a wide band of LTE/GSM ranges, so you can use it anywhere in the world, and it works with many mobile providers including AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

While the device is unique and innovative, its team of inventors seem to be “hush-hush” on how they actually made Comet. What makes this smartphone float? And how did they make it water resistant?

Comet’s team of developers spent nearly three years developing this new product, so they probably don’t want to give away any specific details on how they made it as the competition out there may try and copy their invention. The only thing they highlight are its features for users and that’s about it.

Comet retails for $399.00. The price is worth it. You’ll never have to worry about your phone getting water damage again.

This phone loves the water. If you love the water, then get a Comet.