Invention Of The Week? Concrete That Drinks 880 Gallons Of Water In 60 Seconds

Let’s face it, talking about concrete can be just as boring as watching paint dry on the wall.

But a company based in the United Kingdom just found a way to make you ‘thirsty’ to learn more about it.

Tarmac, who are located in Solihull, West Midlands, has developed Topmix Permeable concrete – a pavement solution that rapidly directs storm-water off of driveways, walkways, bike paths, streets, and parking lots.

Tarmac has released a video on its website which shows how this new concrete can suck up 880 gallons (that’s 4,000 liters) of water in 60 seconds. The water in the video is shown to disappear right when it hits the ground.

Drink Up, Concrete

So, you are probably wondering how this concrete can drink hundreds of gallons of water in just one minute.

Well, it’s all really quite simple.

Tarmac utilizes no-fines concrete, which is comprised on teeny-tiny pieces of smashed granite. While the small pieces are packed together, they are still loose enough to allow water in. Large pebbles cover the main surface.

This concrete will be a huge help during flash flooding, and it keeps a tarmac cool, even when the water is hot.

This new concrete is a timely invention as climate change is causing warmer and wetter weather conditions and rainfall is only likely to rise in many locales around the world.

Tarmac also indicates that its new concrete will play a big role in a large number of sustainable urban drainage systems designs, and it will of course provide a quick solution to flooding in a cost-effective manner.

The company points out that the problem with traditional surface water drainage systems is that they cause flooding, and they have high maintenance costs. As well, they have poor water quality as storm water can easily become contaminated by petrol, diesel, heavy metals, detergents and other pollutants that travel down roads and pathways before entering drainage systems.

Topmix Permeable concrete offers effective management of water drainage, reduces pressure on existing systems, improves water quality, reduces the risk of water shortages, and it is a far better for the population and the environment. Let’s also not forget that this concrete is ideal for homeowners who worry about flooding caused by heavy rain storms.

No More Puddles

Topmix Permeable concrete will hit the ‘pavement running’ once it hits the market. Just think about how amazing it will be to say “bye-bye” puddles.

This concrete however does not work where weather conditions are extremely cold, and it is best used in areas where traffic is light (no more than 30 miles per hour).

While replacing traditional concrete with Topmix might be an expensive venture, the savings will be clearly evident down the road as it will dramatically lower maintenance costs. This concrete will be ideal also for areas that are prone to flash flooding.

So, this is a story of some new concrete.

Are you bored yet?