Invention Of The Week? Cruise On A Floating Hotel

A Serbian architecture and design firm is now offering travelers the best of both worlds: a fancy hotel on the water.

Yes, you get to cruise hotel-style while floating down a river.

Salt & Water just unveiled its plans for the “Floating Hotel with Catamaran Apartments” – a project that has earned them the first place prize at this year’s Millennium Yacht Design Awards in Italy. 

“The whole concept is designed with the possibility of customization, so we can design a dock and main floating construction to fulfill clients' needs,” says Svetlana Mojic, who is the lead architect on the project.

“There is also the possibility of having smaller stations for charging batteries or emptying waste, so guests can enjoy longer autonomy cruising through smaller channels,” adds Mojic.

Five-Star Living On The Water

Salt & Water indicate that their new invention will boost tourism in more isolated places that boast breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

“The main goal is to allow users to enjoy their visit through a navigation at a very slow speed with an uninterrupted view of the nature around,” explains its team of inventors.

The floating hotel will entail two unique parts. There is the large central base area that will house smaller mini-floating suites – all of which are detachable. So, when you want to go cruising, you just leave the central base and you are free to roam the waters at your leisure. Just start the engine, back up, and you will enjoy river cruising at its finest.

The central area, which is the main floating docking station, or ‘mother ship if you will, will offer a restaurant, event hall, café, bar, a business centre, and offices for staff.

Well-crafted and designed walkways will be connected to the mini-catamarans. And each floating unit has enough space for 2-4 persons. Even better, each floating hotel will also have a deck area that will provide perfect access for sun-tanning, diving, swimming, and fishing.

“Catamaran-apartments can be considered as ‘frames of the nature’ – connecting the guests with the water and the sky and isolating them from everyday stress,” adds the team.

Come Sail Away

The floating catamaran apartments will also have a private bathroom, storage closets, and beds, as well as a family room. The beds will be located above the family room and accessed by a ladder.

The design of the floating catamaran is stylish – it is where nature and the future connect. It almost looks like a mini spaceship on the water.

“The unusual shape was developed as a result of our intended goal to create a small vessel that can navigate slow speeds,” says Mojic. “And with plenty of windows, you have uninterrupted view of the nature around.”

So, will an invention like this be a hit among travelers and nature lovers?

It is more than safe to assume that the “Floating Hotel with Catamaran Apartments” will take off as a new and unique trend in the travel world.

More and more people who enjoy traveling on the water these days are choosing river cruises as they are more intimate and this form of travel gets them up close and personal with scenic and historic places of sorts. The new floating catamaran apartments will be a new extension of river cruising in its own right.

People like new ways to see the world around them and this invention marks a new chapter in river cruising.

Welcome aboard my friends.