Invention Of The Week? EvaDrop Is World’s First Smart Shower Device

An inventor from Santa Ana, California, has developed a very unique device that will save you water without ruining your shower experience.

Called EvaDrop, this device will reduce water usage by up to 50 percent.

At present homeowners across the United States use well over 1.2 trillion gallons of water annually just by showering, so this new invention will no doubt revolutionize water conservation and it will help you save big on your monthly water bill.

“We believe, now more than ever, society needs to change its view on water consumption,” says Torrey Tayenaka, who is the inventor of EvaDrop. “The Eva team combined the power of technology with the sensibility of conservation to create a concept with the potential to make a significant impact on water usage.”

EvaDrop Fits Any Shower

What’s unique about this invention is that it shuts off the water flow once the desired temperature is reached, which ensures that there is no wasted water before you get in the shower. The device has an advanced sensor system that delivers the right water flow that you prefer. And EvaDrop is also equipped with a timer that tells you that you are taking far too long in the shower.

“Controlled by our specialized smartphone app, Eva can be calibrated to fit different showers, shower heads and user preferences,” explains Tayenaka. “The app can also track your water usage, habits and savings; providing you with valuable information that can help you learn and conserve even more. With data from thousands of Evas feeding into the app, you will be able to compare your usage with other users, as well as track the trends and changes in water consumption of the entire Eva community.”

The device is easily installed between the wall and showerhead.

When you stand right underneath this smart shower head the water flow is automatically set at 100 percent, which means that you get the right water flow to rinse yourself off. When you step away from EvaDrop the water flow is greatly reduced.

EvaDrop is 6 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick. The device is powered up by a 9V battery that lasts well over a year (based on one shower per day).

No More Wasted Water

The great news with this invention is that it will raise awareness on the importance of water conservation. There are a number of countries around the world who are presently experiencing the worst drought conditions in history. The State of California is already enduring its fourth year of extreme drought. And the International Water Management Institute warns that with more extreme weather on the way and with rising populations, water will become even scarcer. So, the EvaDrop team gets top marks for making the topic of water conservation more mainstream.

So, will this invention make a “splash” when it hits the market? The answer is yes. Thousands of homeowners across the USA and around the world will all want one. Homeowners will enjoy the fact that they are playing their part in conserving water and they will also like saving money as well.  

EvaDrop retails for $149.00 (USD). Family packs range from $1200.00 to $5,000.00.