Invention of the Week? Flic is the New Wireless Smart Button

A Swedish inventor has developed a revolutionary wireless smart button that lets you access all your favorite actions on your smartphone.

Amir Sharifat, who hails from Stockholm, just launched Flic – a small device that looks almost like a doorbell. The button, which is roughly the size of a quarter, syncs with an app and allows you to control all sorts of features at home, in the car, or when you’re out.

Flic can instantly become your personal photographer.Flic can instantly become your personal photographer.

“Flic is a simple and stylish wireless button that lets you create a shortcut to your favorite actions so that you don’t have to touch your phone,” explains Sharifat.

“It’s just a wireless button, but it can change the way you live. The phone opens up a world of possibilities, but Flic brings them to life.”

His invention has raised over $800,000 on INDIEGOGO, the popular international crowdfunding website. Flic can be purchased for $27.00 (USD) each and its battery lasts for up to five years. The Flic Clip, which allows you to connect the button to your belt, jacket or backpack, is only $5.00.

You can easily stick the button wherever you wish, and the good news is that it works perfectly inside and outside (it can withstand various weather conditions and dust).

Control your home with the click of a Flic.Control your home with the click of a Flic.

For homeowners the invention is a dream come true. Flic allows you to control your lights, music, security system, TV, entertainment system, and thermostat.

You can also order a pizza, call a taxi, or call or message someone just by clicking the button.

The device even integrates with smart-locks so you can let someone in the door.

For those who need some extra sleep, Flic also allows you to control your snooze button on your smartphone.

“With Flic you can easily control all your smart home units the way it should be, with a smart, simple and easily accessible button located where you need it,” says Sharifat.

For those who own a vehicle Flic is an amazing tool while on the road. From behind the wheel and with the click of a button anyone can navigate their way around much more easily, and the device allows drivers to text and make calls.

The features of this device only get better. While out, this new invention can instantly become your personal photographer. Your phone can be up on a shelf and once you press the button you and your friends are all captured in a photograph. The device integrates a smartphone’s camera shutter so you will get the right image you desire.

Flic comes in a variety of colors.Flic comes in a variety of colors.

Flic also lets you inform others your exact GPS-location and in the event you are in trouble it has a distress feature that will help keep you safe. And in the event you lost your phone, one click and you will be able to find its exact location.

Is there anything else like Flic on the market? There are some wireless devices similar but none come with all the buttons and bells that Flic offers.

Will an invention like this take off when it hits the market? There is no doubt it. People love new wireless gadgets and they love convenience.

Flic is affordable and makes life simpler and safer too.

One thing though is that this new invention could make us all a bit lazier. Just about everything we want can be accessed now with the click of a button.

But then again technology is driven by our wants and desires.

While Flic can’t cook your meals or do the house cleaning, its features certainly take convenience for home automation and communications to a whole new level.