Invention Of The Week? Free Electric: A Bicycle That Will Power Millions Of Homes

Manoj Bhargava is the brainchild of the 5-Hour Energy drink and he has plenty of money in the bank, like around $4 billion.

But instead of buying lavish yachts, private jets, and showstopper beachfront homes, and maybe a professional sports team or two, the self-made-billionaire is spending his fortune on developing a very unique bicycle that will give everyone the opportunity to generate electricity on their own – pollution free.

Called the Free Electric machine, it’s a bicycle that will have scores of benefits for many people who live their daily lives off the grid, and on the grid too. The Free Electric machine was just launched through the Billions in Change campaign, an initiative spearheaded by Bhargava and his Michigan-based team.

The Billions in Change website promotes its mission clearly: “Half of the world’s population has no electricity. That’s about to change.”

While extremely wealthy, Bhargava is committed to helping others – that’s just how he rolls.

“If you have wealth, it’s a duty to help those who don’t,” says Bhargava in the newly released Billions in Change documentary. “Make a difference in people’s lives… Don’t just talk about it.”

Give The ‘Power’ To The People

According to the Billions in Change website, the Free Electric machine is small, light and easy to use.

“A person pedals the hybrid bicycle,” explains Bhargava. “The bicycle wheel drives a flywheel, which turns a generator, which charges a battery. Pedaling for one hour yields electricity for 24 hours with no utility bill, and no exhaust - no waste.”

The machine itself is made from all sorts of typical bicycle parts, along with a few weights, an alternator, and a simple 12-V battery. The design and parts are all very basic on every level which means that this machine can be maintained and repaired by just about anyone.

The Free Electric: Empowering The Powerless

Of course the Free Electric machine will be a huge benefit for millions of people in developing countries around the world who live their lives without electricity. That’s right so many people – over half of the world’s population – don’t have heat, lights, air conditioning, cell phones, computers or televisions. Yes, this invention will help give more people access to energy that is free and clean.

Even better is that this invention will keep people healthy. One hour a day or longer on the Free Electric machine means that users will get a good workout, and that’s a good thing.

Will this invention also be a success in the First World, like in the United States and Canada?

Yes, of course: while developing countries are struggling for access to new and unique energy solutions that are affordable and efficient, those of us as homeowners and consumers in North America, as one example, are becoming more eco-conscious, which means that while we have access to energy, we are now seeking more “greener solutions” for powering up our homes and using less energy. A case in point is the growing popularity in “zero-energy” homes being built, and a second case in point is the emergence of new technology being made that helps reduce energy use while saving us money as well.

It can be safely assumed that all sorts of homeowners would be thrilled to pedal on the Free Electric machine for an hour or so. Free energy means saving money and the planet too.

What would it be like if gyms in our local strip malls also offered the Free Electric machine? How many homes would it power up through the efforts of many gym buffs?

No matter where you live Bhargava’s invention will provide clean and free energy and will keep everyone in shape, helping us all live longer lives.

This invention is truly a step forward in the right direction and this machine is a cut above the rest – there is no other of its kind of the market that powers a home this fast through a simple workout.

This new bicycle has two different price tags: $250 (USD) for those living in the developing world; and for those of us living the life of the wealthy in the First World it costs $1200 (USD).

Are you ready for a workout?