Invention of the Week? Friday Smart Lock Is In Demand

Bye-bye keys and hello smartphone.

A team of inventors in London, UK, have developed a unique device that allows you to gain entry to your home though your smartphone.

That’s right the Friday Smart Lock that has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is cutting-edge on every level and that’s why it is getting huge support on INDIEGOGO, the popular crowd funding website. The team has raised $135,000.00 since launching their invention only a month ago.

This lock allows you to control it remotely from anywhere. Now that is convenient.

Sure, there are lots of smart locks on the market but this one is a cut above the rest.

The Friday Smart Lock, which is 3.1 inches wide and 1.87 inches high, is distinctly attractive and comes in a variety of styles that blend in nicely with steel, wood and even porcelain. And it’s not as clunky and awkward like other smart locks on the market.

Friday Has Plenty Of Features

The new lock has a variety of unique features.

“Focused on design and connectivity, Friday is the first Smart Lock to offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth out of the box, while also building in Apple HomeKit and Thread Technology for seamless connections with other home automation products,” writes the team on their project page.

The lock is easy to install, has a keyless entry, and it provides Tamper Notifications, giving homeowners a piece of mind while they sleep at night or when they are away. When someone is trying to tamper with your lock, you will be notified on your smartphone and right away you can phone the police to investigate.

Not Home? No Problem!

Since you can control the lock remotely you can also give access to anyone you wish to enter your home – temporarily or forever.

“Use the dashboard to grant temporary, one-time access, or permanent access and cancel at any time. You can also access log files to see the activity via your phone,” explains the team. “A keyless future is in the palm of your hand. Ditch your keys and get into your house hassle-free.”

The lock is powered by a lithium battery and lasts up to one year. Users get a notification when the battery life is dying.

So, what happens if you lose your smartphone? No problem, contend its inventors: you can unlock your door through the web.

The Friday Smart Lock will be retailed at $249.00, and if you order through their INDIEGOGO page you can one for as low as $99.00 (Early Bird Special). Higher-end locks, those made with top of the line wood and bronze finishing will be sold for $199.00.

Will a device like this be a hit on the market? Of course, so many homeowners are relying on home automation so they can be the boss at home. New smart home solutions are a big trend and there is no doubt that the Friday Smart Lock will be a popular hit in the USA and around the world.

Homeowners want comfort, convenience and security. The Friday Smart Lock is the next generation smart lock. Throw away your keys and enjoy the benefits of new technology like this one developed by a team of British inventors.