Invention Of The Week? Golfboard: Surf And Swing

Two entrepreneurs are hoping that their new invention will be a real ‘hole in one’ among golf enthusiasts.

Don Wildman, the founder of Bally Total Fitness, and Laird Hamilton, the popular big-wave surfer, have developed Golfboard.

The timing of their invention is right on the ‘tee,’ as golf courses across the USA are experiencing a substantial decline in memberships, especially among younger players.

It was reported earlier this summer that there has been a 35 per cent drop over the past decade among golfers between the ages of 18 and 35. And sales for golf clubs and clothing have also dramatically dropped as well. TaylorMade-Adidas Golf just reported that their sales are down almost 30 per cent from last year.

So, why are we witnessing a decline in America’s most favorite game?

Let’s face it the game of golf is a long one (it takes about three to four hours to play 18 holes). And, more importantly, it’s also an expensive game: annual memberships, green fees, clubs, carts, clothing, and drinks and food at the clubhouse are all money eaters – even more so if you play on a daily or weekly basis.

Wildman and Hamilton however feel that Golfboard will bring more pizazz back into the game. That’s right, they want to create a new trend at golf courses and get more people out so they can have fun playing 18 holes under the sun while not worrying about the money in their wallets.

“The experience of GolfBoarding is closer to surfing or snowboarding than anything I originally imagined was possible,” explains Hamilton. “GolfBoards are becoming so much of a main attraction that we believe they will eventually be the transportation norm at courses.”

Golfboard: Surf The Turf

Golfboard is safe, fun and easy to use.

It’s a board on four wheels and it’s slick and stylish in design.

It has a stability bar with a switch, and users can turn it intuitively by shifting their body to the direction they want it to move in.

Speed settings range from 6 to 14 mph, and it is powered by a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. You can also attach your golf bag to the stability bar.

Golfboard was also designed with a high-tech suspension system that easily rides on smooth and rough surfaces – uphill and downhill.  And it is equipped with 4-pole brush motors that provide ease when speeding up or slowing down. As well, its molded white fenders are perfect for keeping the dirt and water from hitting you and your golf gear.

Its inventors claim that you can cut your golf round by 30 minutes or more when surfing on these new wheels.

 “After six years of R&D and 18 months of beta tests, the legend of ‘GolfBoarding’ has begun," says Wildman. “GolfBoard will soon be conveniently available to most anyone - and it's not just for millennials; AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) members are feeling decades younger when surfing fairways.”

Golfboard: The Game Changer

So, will Golfboard replace the golf cart completely?

Probably not – there will still be plenty of golfers who will still prefer to sit in a golf cart when traveling to make their next shot.

However it is safe to assume that there will be plenty of golfers who will ‘swing’ in favor of using this new invention. Since it is fun and easy to use there’s no doubt that Golfboard will become a hot new trend on golf courses across the USA, and it should help get more people back into the game again.

While most of us will probably just rent a Golfboard while playing 18 holes, there are some who undoubtedly will want to buy one outright. For those who want to own one the cost is $6,500.00 (USD) which is still a reasonable price for a unit like this that is loaded with all sorts of buttons and bells. However the makers of this new invention will probably see more golf courses buying them up and offering them as rentals like with golf carts.

This invention will also be a new revenue stream for golf course owners.

Golfboard marks a new chapter in golf. Clubs, gear and clothing have advanced in so many ways. And now so has transportation on the course, thanks to this new invention.

Question is will you surf the golf course on these new wheels? Of course – most of us will want to get in on the action and be part of a new trend. 

Golfboard is cool, hip and innovative. Hop on, enjoy the ride, and keep your eye on the ball.