Invention Of The Week? Halo WX Smoke Detector Also Warns Of Natural Disasters

A team of inventors from Charlotte, North Carolina, just unveiled a one-of-a-kind smoke detector that also warns homeowners of a tornado and other hazard-emergency-warnings.

While there are many new and innovative smoke and special-alert detectors on the market, there is arguably nothing like Halo WX Smoke Detector (designed and developed by Halo Smart Labs).

“Halo is an industry-fist combination of sensor technology for flash fires, smoldering fires and carbon monoxide in a single device,” says Ben Stagg, the team’s lead inventor.

The Halo WX Smoke Detector will soon hit the market.The Halo WX Smoke Detector will soon hit the market.

“No other smoke alarm offers you this same protection, period. The new home-alert system connects the device to the Internet and home-automation systems, plus users can receive alerts and adjust settings with an iOS and Adroid app. It will also send alerts to mobile devices so users are aware of danger even if they are thousands of miles away,” adds Stagg.

Most people assume that when they have a smoke detector installed in their home that they are safe from fire. However most smoke detectors on the market do not detect a fire right away; in fact it takes most of them to detect a fire within 10 to 15 minutes, and this is something the average firefighter points out.

The Halo WX comes equipped with a loud, dual sensor smoke alarm, which means a homeowner will be alerted to a fire in a matter of seconds. The detector provides a loud voice alert with a pulsating red light that gets brighter as the smoke thickens.

If you are away and your home is on fire, you will get an alert on your smartphone, which means you can call 911 right away, no matter where you are in the world.

Homeowners can receive alerts and adjust settings with an iOS and Adroid app.Homeowners can receive alerts and adjust settings with an iOS and Adroid app.

The new detector also provides an auditory and visual alert when carbon monoxide levels are too high. First a voice will send out an alert: “Elevated CO in the living room, move to fresh air.” Following this a bright orange light will flash. The flash will slow down when the CO gas decreases and it will flash faster when the CO increases. 

A dynamic add-on feature is the weather alerts that Halo WX offers. Homeowners can install tornado warnings in the system as well as other alerts for severe thunderstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, flash floods, and radiological hazards. Also, the device is equipped to notify people of child abductions, civil danger and terrorism.

Stagg came up with the idea to develop the Halo WX after his father encountered a close call with a tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri. While the tornado sadly took the lives of 160 people in 2011, his father managed to survive. His father heard a weather alert on an old radio in the barn, and managed to take cover in a cellar.

And only a year ago one of Stagg’s family members lost their entire home from a fire that spread quickly.
The tornado and family fire prompted him to develop a state-of-the-art smoke detector system with an array of beneficial alerts that will keep people safer than ever before.

“Saving lives is the number one priority, using technology for a safer and smarter environment,” says Stagg.

The Halo WX is expected to sell for around $100.00 when it hits the market. The device is run on 4-AA batteries and can also be connected through a home power source. In the event of a long term power outage, the Halo WX will run on its own for about a week.

The Halo WX has received well over $53,000.00 (USD) in support on INDIEGOGO, a popular online crowdfunding platform.

Will an invention like this be a hit among homeowners and businesses?

Of course – it is affordable and it offers all the right safety features.

So stay alert: this new smoke detector that also warns of tornados and natural disasters will be coming to a store near you soon.