Invention Of The Week? Hoverboard: The Next Evolution In Personal Electric Mobility

There are a number of companies out there who are trying to win the race in developing the ‘mother of all hoverboards.’

However, a company based in Mountain View, CA, is keeping things more at ground level.

Hoverboard Technologies has developed a very different and unique kind of hoverboard.

Now you can surf the sidewalks and streets on a one-wheeled, gyro-stabilized electric vehicle that will make you feel as if you are actually hovering in the air.

That’s right, you get to experience hovering in the air, but you remain safe and sound while traveling on the ground.

Surf The Streets In Style

Called the Hoverboard, this technology is really a downsized Tesla. You can travel 12 miles at 16mph on one battery charge. It only takes about 20 minutes to charge up the battery and the board weighs 25lbs.

Its sporty, slick and futuristic looking in design.

Controlling it is easy: you just tilt forward to accelerate, or slightly tilt back to brake or move its direction right or left. Its braking system is sound: its stops on a dime.

The Hoverboard is armed with a drive unit that is located in its center. The drive unit is removable and is equipped with position sensors, bearings, a direct drive feature, and an industrial class brushless direct current-current servomotor. The drive unit is future proofed and as technology advances you can easily upgrade your new ride around town.

The Hoverboard has ground contacting sonar features and it reacts immediately to bumps or changes in the road to provide for a more stable ride.

It also comes with a digital charge meter LED display, so you will know when you are running low on juice.

And this board has its own speakers, which means you can be your own DJ while surfing the streets, and the speakers also provide a voice that lets you know of necessary warnings.

The board’s power output feature allows you to charge your smartphone, and it allows you to charge another Hoverboard from yours.

You can customize the LED bar graphs with your choice of colors.

Jump Aboard

What’s even more unique with the Hoverboard is that you can use your smartphone to access all of its features. The Hoverboard app allows you to activate your hoverboard, locate it, check its charge level, and set its speed limit. The app also allows you to lock the board, log your riding data, and it also comes with a theft prevention feature.

The Hoverboard’s self-balancing system that utilizes a contacting sonar feature is what gives you the feeling of floating while on the streets or sidewalks.

A ride on this board will actually feel like you are really riding on a real hoverboard.

Now you can take flight without breaking the bank. Hoverboards that are being designed for the air are earmarked to cost consumers around $15,000 (USD), maybe even more. This board however retails for $4,000, which is far more affordable.

Going from point A to point B has just become far easier and fun with this invention.

Are you set to ride a new experience?