Invention Of The Week? Live On Mars In A 3D-Printed Bubble House

While robotic travelers have been studying Mars for over the last 40 years, NASA’s next plan of action is to send humans there to colonize the planet.

NASA has already confirmed that evidence of liquid water on the Red Planet exists, and now the agency is turning its attention to the style and design of homes they will construct for humans who are willing to endure the 200 day trip to get there, knowing that they will never return to Earth again.

NASA plans on having humans live on the Red Planet by 2035.

Enter Sfero, which is a 3D printed habitat that just might be used by NASA.

Fabulous, a popular French design firm in Paris, France, has unveiled its conceptual design of Sfero (short for sphere, iron and water in French) and it is simply ‘out of this world.’

Meet Your New Home On Mars

The 3D-printed bubble house that is shaped like an igloo will have three floors all connected by a spiral staircase: one on the ground level and two below the ground. A long corridor with an airlock system will be the entry way into this new futuristic house.

The ground level, which measures at 32 square feet, is an area for growing food. The next level, which measures at 312 square feet, will have a bathroom with a shower and sink and recreation-reading area. The bottom level, which measure at 430 square feet, will be used for sleeping and storage. The house will include couches, tables, chairs, and the main level will have a window area.

Sfero will rely on local available materials: iron and water. Iron will be the raw material for the 3D printing, and water will act as the protective coating.

Sfero is also a construction robot, according to Fabulous. And a mast is fundamental in its design.

This central pole is buried in the Martian soil by drilling. 

“The objective is to bury several meters to build solid foundations and also to seek the permafrost that will be liquefied for feeding the aqueous pocket,” indicates Sfero’s team of inventors.

“Once embedded, the mast deploys two robot arms, one of which sucks and sorts the material to extract the iron, and the other housing built by metal 3D printing. Additive manufacturing or 3D printing technology used already exists on Earth. It consists of adding layers of material by the laser fusion of powdered iron particles.”

The team adds, “This technique has many benefits: a free manufacturing materials and multi-directional, which in particular build solid foundations by fusing the material directly into the basement; the manufacture of iron hulls spherical shapes but also cellular (honeycomb) to ensure a high resistance to internal pressurization of the habitat (the atmosphere of Mars is low); and finally a 3D-printing layer by layer elements of life habitat component (walls, floors, closets, beds, etc).”

Sfero Is Out Of This World

Fabulous indicates that the best place to build its houses will be on the Gale Crater. Testing of Sfero is slated to take place in Hawaii or in California’s Mojave Desert.

It’s quite amazing that NASA and design firms like Fabulous are already talking about constructing houses on the Red Planet, which of course will allow humans to live there.

Living on Mars will be expensive, there’s no doubt about it, and it may be a mission for the rich, unless NASA has plans on picking up the bill for middle or low income earners.

While man has landed on the moon, humans colonizing Mars will certainly script a new chapter in space exploration.

Question is will you live on Mars knowing you will never return home again?

If you do, take comfort in knowing that you will have a cool little bubble house to call your own.

One thing is for sure, Sfero will quickly help turn Earthlings into Martians.