Invention Of The Week? Lucid Is A Consumer 3D VR Camera

There is a new camera that just hit the market and it lets you share exactly how you see the world with others.

LucidCam captures 3D, 180° footage in full HD, and its team of inventors from Berkeley, California claim that it is the world’s first camera of its kind.

Its 180° wide-angle lenses provide an amazingly active view, and its special audio feature enhances any experience on many levels. Yes, this camera is more real than real.

The camera is ideal for professional and amateur photographers, video makers and trailblazers alike. And the camera is inexpensive, easy-to-use and you can take it anywhere you go.

Han Jin, who is the company’s co-founder and CEO, is the brainchild behind this cutting-edge camera.

Jin says LucidCam offers a time-travel-like experience. “You are re-experiencing something through the eyes of someone else,” he explains. (1)

The camera is small and it looks almost like a small case for storing your glasses. The front has two black lenses that sort of resemble human eyeballs.  The playback feature is out of this world.

What’s even more unique with this camera is that you can strap it on all sorts of places – on your hat or on your chest - and it captures superb quality images and video no matter what.

And this camera can be used like any other camera: you just hold it up and click one button on the top to capture still images, or use the record feature to capture breathtaking real-life videos.

You can even view all your ‘real’ content with the free LucidApp on your mobile device.

Picture Perfect Technology For Everyone

The camera has a plethora of features.

Its point and shoot feature provides 3D/180° footage with the click of one button, and it has one switch for going back and forth from video to pictures.

You can also playback videos on your smartphone or VR headset.

And it comes with compatible editing software, and its battery life lets you record up to one-hour. You can transfer data and charge up your battery through its USB cable.

Tech Talk: LucidCam’s Specs:

5.15" (131mm) long by 2.65" (67.3mm) tall by 1.02" (26mm) deep

8 oz (225 g)

FULL HD - 1080p each eye video/ 2K each eye pictures


Up to 1hr, lithium-ion battery

FOV 190° x 120°, Fixed F/2.2 Aperture

2 microphones for stereo/binaural caption

Input/Output: microUSB - data transfer/charging, HDMI - streaming, microSD - storing

Video - mp4 and Photo - jpg

iOS & Android, view VR videos on your smart phone

Share Your World

“This small, portable device empowers anyone to easily capture experiences with true depth and peripheral sight in order to create an immersive reality to share with everyone,” explains Jin and his team of inventors.

“Let's go skydiving with friends from our living rooms, or experience underground ruins with family across the globe, or we can let everyone see what we’re doing on any adventure,” they add.

The device is also scalable to capture anything and you can combine multiple LucidCam’s to create video and images in full 360°.

Now you can share your travel experiences, outdoor activities, family memories and special life moments with everyone.

The stereoscopic 3D camera retails for $350.00 (USD).

So, when you purchase your very first LucidCam, what experience will you first share with others?

1) GIGAOM. February 26, 2015.