Invention Of The Week? Make Your Camera Fly With Birdie

There is a new aerodynamic accessory on the market for action cameras like GoPro.

Called Birdie, you launch the gadget in the air while your camera snaps all sorts of cool shots and videos, and everyone will enjoy the fact that this new invention is actually much cheaper than most entry level drones out there.

That’s right, now adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike now have access to aerial photography like never before, thanks to a team of engineers from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Go Gadget Go

Birdie includes one base with bumper, six arms joined together with a fabric strip, and one fabric bag.

And Birdie is really easy to use. All you need to do is insert your camera into the Birdie case (camera housing required), select a shooting mode (it is recommended that you choose a sequence of pics that is at least one every half second or video), insert the arms connecting into the base until you hear a “click” (the groove on each arm should be facing out), and then start shooting.

Of course there are some important tips to follow so that you get the best camera experience with Birdie. Tip 1: Grip the arms together and toss; Tip 2: Hold the camera case and toss; and, Tip 3: Hold the Birdie base and toss. Remember you don’t need to throw the device sky-high to get awesome shots. You’ll always get amazing footage at just 2m above your head.

Birdie has all sorts of neat features. It is portable and light so it’s easy to take with you on your daily rides and trips, and it’s also floatable and water proof which means you will get some great water shots at the pool or beach.

The device fits the GoPro Hero 3 and Go Pro Hero 4, and is customizable as your throwing style impacts your shots and you are in control of the speed, angle and height.

Will Birdie Fly On The Market?

The price is right for this gadget – it retails for only $35.00 (USD).

Keep in mind that this gadget does not come with a camera, so you will need to have your own.

One thing with this new invention is that it should do very well on the market. It’s portable, durable, floatable, and is downright affordable.

There are always surprises when you take photos and videos from the sky, so grab a Birdie to capture your next adventure or outing.

Are you ready to make your camera fly?

Here are some action shots from consumers: