Invention Of The Week? MicFlip Is First Ever Reversible Micro USB Cable

Sure, USB cables are part of our everyday lives.

We use them to charge our phones, transfer files, and to connect them to important gadgets like printers, scanners and cameras.

However a start-up company in New York City feels that today’s USB cables and plugs are not meeting the needs of millions of people who need them daily.

And this is why WinnerGear has developed the MicFlip, which is the first ever reversible micro USB cable.

Just Plug And Go

This new invention allows smartphone users to connect their next generation devices in any direction.

“Rather than risk damaging components by accidently forcing standard micro USB plugs in the wrong direction, the MicFlip can be seamlessly inserted at any angle,” explains its team of inventors. “For smartphone owners wanting to maximize charge time and efficiency it’s a must have accessory. With this flexibility comes complete convenience and significant time saving benefits – just plug and go. There is no hassle and no frustration when ports don’t match and no need to spend hours searching for specific connectors. The MicFlip makes connection seamless.”

The MicFlip cable is 1 meter in length, has an aluminum shell with gold plated plugs, and its cable is braided.

The MicFlip cable will work with all standard micro USB devices: smartphones, powerbanks, wearables, earphones, and speakers.

Will MicFlip Fly On the Market?

When WinnerGear’s inventors came up with the idea of the MicFlip, they made sure they did their homework to ensure their product would be a hit on the market.

They asked one fundamental question to scores of people: What would you change about your micro USB cable? It turned out that 75% of responents wished the plug at the end of the cable was reversible as they hated those irritating moments when they were not able to insert the cable properly in the micro USB port, no matter which way they turned it.

“This seemed like such a simple request – and we were staggered to learn that no other company in the world is creating USB ports in this way,” indicates its team of inventors. “So we set to work. The MicFlip slots seamlessly into any USB port, so instead of risking damage to components by accidentally forcing your USB plug in the wrong way, you can just plug and go.”

A total of 25% of those they surveyed also indicated that they wanted a more reliable cable. Its inventors claim that the MicFlip is the strongest USB cable on the market.

So, you might be wondering what the price tag is on this new invention. However, you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank when you hit cashier: it retails for only $19.99 (USD).

When are you getting your MicFlip?