Invention Of The Week? New Earthquake-Proof Bed Could Help Save Lives

For those of you who live in locations where earthquakes are an ongoing dreadful reality you might be able sleep much better with a new earthquake-proof bed that is soon expected to hit the market.

Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi has developed a concept for an earthquake-proof bed that swallows you (and yours) up when it senses the ground shaking.

That’s right when the ground starts moving you and your mattress are dropped into a sealed unit that is loaded full of supplies.

It’s a great invention that could help save lives, but at the same time it might also be a real drag for the claustrophobic types. Still, remaining safe during an earthquake sure beats the alternative: death.

This Bed Was Made For Shaking

Wenxi and his team have just released a large number of animated videos on YouTube and on a plethora of social media channels that demonstrates how their earthquake-proof bed works.

The videos all seem a bit freaky, haunting in a sense, but they demonstrate just how this new bed works when an earthquake hits.

The videos show a man and woman sleeping in bed and as the ground shakes they are dropped inside the bed and a strong protective lid closes on them.

The earthquake-proof bed is loaded with high-tech sensors that detect the ground shaking and knows if it’s an earthquake or not (yes, sometimes the bed does shake but it won’t trap you and yours inside while you are having some fun).

The videos also show viewers of all the supplies inside that includes a medical kit, water, some food that will last a few days, and even tools.

And yes, the bed comes with latch inside so you can get out of it, which means won’t have to wait for someone to come along and find you.

This new earthquake-proof bed comes with a mattress, pillows, bed sheeting, and its exterior is made out of hardcore steel. It appears as though the bed can fall a good distance while keeping its occupants safe inside.

The bed comes in a variety of styles: Single, Double, and Queen. 

Night, Night, Sleep Tight

Wenxi and his team know full well of what it’s like living in a region with a long history of earthquakes. China has endured many over the years, and one of the biggest the country experienced was 9 years ago and which took the lives of almost 70,000 people.

This new invention will also be of interest to people who live in the United States, like in California, and other earthquake zones around the world.

Earthquakes happen, this we know, and now there is a new invention that will help keep people safer.

Wenxi and his team have not indicated how much their earthquake-proof bed will retail for, but they will probably be expensive.

But then again when you live in an earthquake hotspot having this new bed might just be a wise investment.

Are you worried if you will survive an earthquake?