Invention of the Week? Now Smell and Feel the Action with FeelReal

There is a new virtual reality mask and helmet that will soon hit the market and it’s going to be a ‘sensational’ hit among gamers.

A team of inventors from Brooklyn, NY, just launched FeelReal on Kickstarter.

“FeelReal is proven to give you new sensations through smells and senses of wind, heat, water mist and vibration present in virtual worlds,” writes the team of inventors on their Kickstarter page.

FeelReal is a new virtual reality mask and helmet that will soon hit the market.FeelReal is a new virtual reality mask and helmet that will soon hit the market.

They have raised nearly $20,000.00 and their goal is to launch their VR mask and helmet to the masses later this year.

At present there are tons of VR headsets on the market, but none provide a true realistic experience. Sure all sorts of VR headsets may offer unique and intricate sound and vision effects, but they simply do not  offer the true “high-fidelity” virtual reality experience.

“We think it’s time to change all that,” writes the team. “We want everyone to discover a new kind of virtual reality – one that goes far beyond the visual and sound effects of typical games and movies.”

The VR mask and helmet is equipped with a small generator that produces a variety of odors: aphrodisiacs, gunpowder, gunfire, flowers, burning tires, fire, and the sea and tropical jungle. The scents released perfectly match the theme of the movie you are watching or the game you are playing.

To take things one step further, FeelReal has small micro-like heaters and coolers that releases air on your face and at the right moment gives the feeling of water mist splashing on your cheeks.

And FeelReal even comes with a built-in microphone so people can hear you laugh, cry, and shout.

The team contends that their invention will change the future of gaming and movies.

“We have created a realistic VR immersion engaging not just sight and sound, but olfactory and tactile senses as well,” explains the team.

FeelReal is revolutionary multisensory VR mask that lets you step into the most immersive, unbelievable and fascinating virtual experience you’ve ever known. It will transform your virtual reality forever. With its incredibly wide range of smells and simulated effects of wind, heat, water mist, and vibration, FeelReal maximizes your virtual reality presence. It allows you to explore virtual worlds using a new, more powerful sensory effects.”

The unit, which is expected to cost $600.00 each, will last for about four hours with its built-in-batteries, and it can be connected to a PC through Bluetooth.

Will gamers shell out this much money for FeelReal? Absolutely – look at the prices of other virtual reality headsets and masks to date on the market; they are same if not more expensive and they have sold like hotcakes.

And then there is the debate of FeelReal turning children and teens into contrived avatars.

But what’s wrong with having some fun in a virtual world?

One can only assume that the inventors of FeelReal probably won’t mind some debate on their new product. The debate will only draw more attention to their new invention and no doubt will help with sales in a big way.