Invention Of The Week: Ollinfit Is A Wearable Personal Trainer

Working out at the gym is a huge trend these days.

People from all walks of life are buying gym memberships so they can get in shape and most of look and feel better too.

Working out at the gym ensures that you build muscle while burning off fat and a daily exercise routine will keep you well-toned.

A team of inventors in Toronto, Canada, have come up with a clever way to provide everyone with the right guidance they need to stay in shape.

Meet Ollinfit, which acts as your very own personal trainer, and it guides you perfectly through all your workouts with important feedback on your overall form quality and weights you are lifting. This new invention will help ensure you get the best workout while minimizing the risk of injury.

Go All In

Ollinfit comes with three wearable sensors that connect with a smartphone app. The sensors and app work in sync together seamlessly so that you get the right feedback on your workout routine. You wear a sensor on each wrist that is attached to black elastic band, and the third can be clipped on the center of your shirt.

The sensors are worn independently in order to fully and accurately capture your full range of motion. The app analyzes the data collected from the sensors in real-time and guides you with instant, easy-to-follow audio and vibration feedback – precisely when you need it.

Through the sensors, the app will deliver voice guidance so that you correct bad form and get the most out of each rep. The app also provides an on-screen analysis of your workout, and the sensors will also slightly vibrate to indicate the area of improper form and which will help you correct your form.

“Properly performed free weight exercises are essentially the functional expression of human skeletal and muscular anatomy. Just like any other skill, perfect lifting form takes time to master. As you practice, Ollinfit continuously analyzes your motion and presents with easy to understand feedback,” explains its team of inventors.

“For an exercise like squat, Ollinfit makes sure the barbell is lowered in a vertical line as it is the most efficient path for a barbell moving through space in a gravitational framework. It also checks how deep your hips are moving along with how far the knees extend forward to minimize the strain on your joints. This is possible as Ollinfit simultaneously measures the joint angles between your torso, thigh, knees and foot,” adds its team of inventors.

The Ollinfit app’s dashboard is easy to use and follow.

It offers a workout calendar where you can create your own routines or follow a particular program from a certified trainer.

The app also provide a pre-workout plan where you can watch how certain exercises are performed, and the live workout feedback feature offers a rep count, form rating and trainer feedback in real-time.

The post workout feature on the app allows you to review your set, and it highlights the trainer’s comments while offering tips for you to improve your form and it also makes recommendations for you to increase or decrease weights being lifted.

The Ollinfit app gives you full control to design the exercise routines that work best for you and it logs all your stats so you can keep track of your progress.

Ollinfit was designed with the aid of a number of personal trainers. The sensors you wear are sweat poof, shock proof, and hypoallergenic. The sensors are Bluetooth enabled, and they come with a micro USB and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 14 days.

New Technology For The Gym

Ollinfit is new technology that will only get more people working out on a regular basis.

Its sensors and app will keep you in check while at the gym, and what’s so unique about this invention is that it works as a live instructional tool that has many positive benefits.

Sure, it’s one thing to life weights and exercise, but if you are not following the right behaviors at the gym then what is the point of working out?

Ollinfit shows you the right way to do things at the gym and your body will only thank you for using this new invention.

Is this technology expensive? Not at all - Ollinfit retails for $149.00 (USD) and its twin back will cost you $290.00.

Isn’t it time that got into shape?