Invention Of The Week? Oombrella Is A Smart And Connected Umbrella

We all know that it sure can be a drag when it rains.

But a new start-up company in Paris, France, will now help turn the rain into something fun for everyone.

Wezzoo has developed Oombrella, which is a smart connected umbrella that actually lets you know when it’s going to rain and sends you notifications to your smartphone so you will never leave it behind.

Oombrella is an umbrella – just that - and even better is that it’s not only a smart device, but is wind-resistant and highly durable so you will always be protected in rainfall and most extreme weather conditions, expect hurricanes, tornados and tsunamis of course. The device is also UV resistant.

The Unforgettable Umbrella

The really unique part with this new invention is that it tracks all your activity, and its sensors are able to handle temperature, pressure, humidity and light.

Oombrella has some really neat features, thanks to its free app.

Through its Weather Alert you get notifications on your smartphone about real-time weather and you will be informed instantly when rain is in the forecast.

The Forget Me Not Alert will notify you on your smartphone if you ever forget your device at a restaurant or somewhere else.

Then there is the Weather Sharing feature which allows you to share data with the Wezzoo community. So, now you now get to share your weather experiences with thousands of others around the world.

Oombrella: Slick In Design – Inside And Out

Oombrella seems to be a cool invention where tech and design is combined seamlessly.

This new device comes in a variety colors and you can also choose from three different styles: shiny edition, white edition, or the black edition. And it comes in all sorts of sizes – all the way from the large classic to a small one you that will fit right inside your bag.

Its canopy is made with a special and unique shiny material, which means you will have a strong and beautiful shell optimized to have the smoothest noise under the rain and the coolest bright effects.

Oombrella is also designed with kevlar-made-ribs, so it will withstand high winds that bring heavy rain, and it will also keep you protected during hailstorms and snowstorms.

The handle of this device was well thought out. Its injected plastic ensures that Oombrella is waterproof, and its electronic capsule on the end provides a comfortable, ergonomic and discrete grip. Even better is that there is a buzzer and light inside the capsule will let you know if you have an incoming call on your smartphone and will also alert you to important weather notifications.

And for that extra ‘wow’ factor you can also screw a camera or a GoPro on the top of the device (includes a screw thread above the head of canopy), and capture all your adventures in the rain and share them all with  family and friends on social media.

We all need an umbrella, so it makes sense to get an Oombrella.

The new device retails for only $70.00 (USD).