Invention Of The Week? Qube Is World’s Most Affordable Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

People are always looking for new technology that will make their homes smarter.

Meet Qube, a new affordable multi-colored Wi-Fi smart light bulb that just hit the market.

Designed by a team of inventors in San Francisco, California, this new smart light bulb will impress you and your guests.

With the Qube App, you can easily control your lights anytime you want no matter where you are, create new automations, and even better is that this new technology saves energy for you automatically.

Qube Is A Bright Idea

So, what inspired a team of inventors to develop Qube in the first place?

“The idea of a smart home has existed for some time already, but the high cost of implementation is the main challenge for smart home adoption by the masses,” explains the team.  “This challenge is real, and Qube wants to make every home smart at an affordable rate starting with your lights, as they create the atmosphere for all homes. Qube marks the start of affordable smart home products.”

There are a number of reasons why homeowners will enjoy Qube.

First, a standard Wi-Fi mulit-color LED bulb sold on the market now costs around $50.00 (USD). Qube sells for only $19.00, so it’s more than affordable.

Second, Qube stands out from the rest as you don’t have to worry about spending more money for an external hub in order for it to stay connected. Qube itself is a hub on its own that communicates independently with other Qube lights installed around your home.

Third, this new smart light bulb gets to know your presence through Bluetooth Low Energy emitting wearables or mobile devices, and this means you can create all sorts of automations based on your proximity to a bulb. Now this is amazing on the energy efficiency front.

Qube also comes with all sorts of other features that will ensure your home is smarter.

Qube’s notification feature lets you know through your lights when you get a phone call or a message on your smartphone.

Qube also has a mood setting feautre that provides the right lighting for different occasions, like a dinner date or a house party.

The smart light bulb has a schedule feature that turns your lights on slowly in the morning and turns them off when you are ready to hit the hay.

Qube offers a remote feature so you can access and change your lighting at any time no matter where you are in the world.

A big plus with this technology is that each bulb is designed to last nearly 30 years (that’s about 55,000 hours).

Go Qube. Go Green.

The real big seller with this new invention is that it helps eliminate unnecessary electricity usage and this means you will save big time on your monthly electricity bill.

And Qube is more than affordable. While each bulb retails for $19.00, you can also customize your entire house for well under $200.00.

This invention is a bright idea on many levels.

With Qube you don’t have to worry about your lights or pricey monthly electricity bills (yes, they sure can add up).

This smart bulb has a mind of its own.

Will we see more smart bulbs like this on the market anytime soon?