Invention Of The Week? Quickey Opens Everything But Doors

Christopher Hawker, a popular inventor and entrepreneur in Columbus, Ohio, has developed a key for everything, but it doesn’t open any doors.

The founder of Trident Design LLC, a well-known design firm and innovation agency, has just launched the Quickey, and it’s a very useful gadget for everyday tasks.

“We couldn’t believe this didn’t already exist, it seems so obvious and it is so useful,” says Hawker.

So, why did Hawker invent the Quickey?

“The Quickey is a simple, yet highly functional product that was born out of necessity,” he explains. “I was always using my keys to open boxes and mail, but it never worked very well. I saw an opportunity. I brought the idea of a key-shaped box-opener to my team of designers and we came up with a versatile tool that is really something special.”

He adds, “Multi-tools are typically overkill and cumbersome. None of us at Trident carry one around because they are just too bulky, yet we craved some of the conveniences they offer. For a large number of life's little tasks, the Quickey is perfect and way better than my car keys.”

The Quickey Is Perfect For Everyday Tasks

You can use the Quickey to open boxes, bottles, and it works great as a tag popper, pill splitter, coupon clipper, screwdriver, staple remover, foil breaker, rope saw, lotto scratcher, clamshell buster, and letter opener. And the device is touch safe and travel safe.

Hawker and his team have spent quite some time developing this gadget. They started with sketches, and then then they molded it in solidworks. The development of this invention also included 3D prints, analyzing and evaluating prototypes, and real-world feedback from a test audience.

The Quickey is very durable too. According to Hawker, the gadget is made of “304 Stainless steel, die cast and polished. It is rugged and designed to last a lifetime. It weights a mere 20 grams. It will never rust. You can pass it on to your children.”


What’s so neat about this new invention is that it’s simple and yet so practical.

Our world these days is so tech-savvy, so it’s great to see something like the Quickey being launched on the market. It’s great for all sorts of purposes and it is very durable and easy to use, and you can carry it around on your keychain too.

The gadget will certainly be a hit on the market: it is affordable, handy, and innovative.

The Quickey retails for only $15.00 (USD), and you can also purchase the specialized Skullkey for the same price.

Wil we see more products like this on the market anytime soon?