Invention Of The Week? Robit Is A Robot That Gets Stuff Done

A team of inventors in Tel Aviv, Israel, have developed a new friendly robot for your home.

Called Robit, this robot will soon be your new best friend and it will do so many cool things for you and your family.

Yes, Robit is a helpful little gadget on wheels, and it’s loaded with all sorts of neat technology, and the great thing with this invention is that it’s totally affordable.

Meet The World’s Smartest Home Robot

While robots are now being introduced on the market, there is nothing yet like Robit for homeowners and the average consumer.

Robit has three wheels: two on the front and one in the back. Its head with two LED matric eyes moves up and down and right to left. Its head and neck movement are powered by servo motors.

Robit is also equipped with an LED flash light, HD video camera, ultrasonic sensors and has 16 GB SD memory. It also runs on a lithium battery that has a long life and charges back up in no time.

Your new three legged best friend also has a battery charger docking station, wheel encoder sensors, 9-axis gyro accelerometer compass, a sound card, and speakers and a microphone.

Robit also runs apps, just like your mobile device. All you need to do is connect to Robit’s app store from you smartphone and download the apps you want. Once you launch your apps, Robit will do the rest for you.

This new robot for your home does all sorts of things. It will notify you when you kids arrive home from school, it will guard your sofa from cats and dogs, and it will even help you maintain a healthy diet.

Robit will also teach your kids to program, and it will help locate your lost keys.

Even better, this device will play games with your kids, wake you up in the morning, and teach new languages. And it will also keep an eye on your beloved pet 24/7.

It even comes with a toy missile launcher, and a gas/smoke/temp sensor to keep you and your family safe at home.

And Robit also works as a home security system – keeping an eye on anyone who enters your home.

Robit Is Adorable and Affordable

This robot has a cute face and maneuvers seamlessly from room-to-room. And this device is affordable: it retails for only $349.00 (USD).

So, will Robit be a hit on the market? Of course it will. This three-legged robot offers an array of features for you and your family.

Will we see more technology like this on the market anytime soon? Yes, more and more inventors and companies are now developing new technology like this, so we will see more robots being part of our daily lives at home.

In fact, robots like Robit will be fully part of the family unit. Soon just about every family will have a robot at home.

Robots will be our new companion, just like pets.

Has the world of the Jetsons finally arrived?