Invention Of The Week? Set Your Pace With Doppel

New wearable technology is a huge trend these days.

And a company based out of London, UK, just took the craze to a whole new level.

Team Turquoise - a young company comprised of designers, engineers and scientists - have developed Doppel, which is a new class of performance-enhancing technology that will make you feel more alert or relaxed.

“Doppel harnesses your body’s natural response to rhythm similarly to upbeat or downbeat music, but it’s a pulse you feel on your wrist rather than one you hear,” says Jack Hooper, who is one of its inventors. “It can be used to keep you going through a really long meeting, help you stay calm during a presentation or wind down at the end of the day. It gives people more control over how they feel.”

Doppel Is “Empathic Technology”

Doppell has been tested on scores of people and is proven to work. When wearing the device around your wrist it will help keep you focused and in tune during meetings and presentations, and it will help you keep up the pace when training or competing, and most of all it’s a sound gadget when you want to gear things down after a long day.

The wristband, which looks just like a smartwatch, gives off rhythmic pulses on the inside of your wrist. It’s like having a new heartbeat – a double beat pulse that is. And you are in control of its rhythm and force.

“When Doppel beats at your resting heart rate your mood will shift to being more calm. Upping the beat gets you going. A gentle slow beat will be best to wind you down for bed. An intense fast beat will set your cadence on a fast run,” explains the team of inventors.

The team adds,” Doppel is empathic technology that works with your body. It has no screens and no buttons, just intuitive, natural interactions. Stroking the ridge on Doppel’s face slows the beat. Firmly squeezing Doppel makes the fast beat kick in. Twisting the dials lets you control how intense the sensation is, just like the volume know on your old stereo.”

Doppel: Wind Up Or Wind Down

Those who purchase Doppel will need to first download its app on their smartphone or desktop. Users are also required to identify their heartrates and this information is sent instantly to the Doppel team. Once this is done users are free to alter their moods as they wish.

What’s even more unique with this device is that you get to save your favorite rhythms. So, once they are saved you don’t need to worry about utilizing the app. You are in control of how you want to alter your mood. This is fascinating technology at your fingertips.

The wristband comes in a few different styles: Classic, Original and Black/White. And it’s a neat device in style and design. It displays its mechanical-workings just like that of an older, more classical watch. Yes, this is where the past meets the future, indeed.

And this technology is very affordable believe it or not: pricing starts at $125.00 (USD). 

Question is will this device sell in a big way? Of course, the price is more than doable and most of all it is very beneficial technology. People from all walks of life want to better deal with stress and manage their moods more naturally.

Yes, Doppel is smart performance enhancement technology that’s in a class of its own.