Invention Of The Week? Silver Star Unveils Powerful Mini TV Projector

A company based in Beijing, China, has launched a pocket sized mini projector that’s ideal for watching 4K movies, TV shows, concerts, sporting events, the news, and playing action-packed video games.

Silver Star has developed the sProjector – a projector you can take anywhere.

The invention is sleek and stylish in design and is ideal for anyone who enjoys being entertained while on the go.

There is nothing quite like this projector on the market, well not yet anyway. For now it is a first-of-its-kind-high-powered-mini-projector and what makes this invention so unique is that you can take it all sorts of places to stay in tune with the entertainment, news, sports, and gaming worlds.

sProjector: Take It Anywhere 

This new projector is small and of course is portable. It is 70mmx130mmx15mm in size and weighs only 150g, which means you can place it in your front pocket, back pocket, or jacket pocket. It even comes with a carrying case so you don’t have to worry about dropping it.

The device offers 1920x1080/1000 lumens projection which is way brighter than similar sized projectors (all at present range between 50-100 lumens), claim its inventors.

The sProjector has up 15,000 hours of lamp life, and provides an amazing picture for your space.

Even better is that its battery life is around five hours and it charges up in jiffy.

The device is equipped with TV Dongle. This means you can enjoy TV anytime, anywhere you want without worrying about internet connection. With TV Dongle you can also record TV to the memory in the projector or SD card and watch it later.

As well, this new cutting-edge projector has no fan inside so it operates quietly without any noise.

It’s also very easy to operate the sProjector. On its exterior there are small buttons for you to control it: menu, return, sleep, focus, and power (on/off). The lens is located on top of the device.

The device’s operating systems is Android 5.1 Lollipop and its User Interface is customized according to the projector’s concept. It also supports Google Play Store, and anyone who owns this invention can download and install any app. And the sProjector offers a wireless mouse and Bluetooth keyboard which makes it easy to use.

Meet Your Handy New Portable Projector

The sProjector will certainly do well on the market. Why? First it is cutting-edge and boasts quality and is ideal for watching movies outdoors, in your living room and bedroom, or even the boardroom.

The device will also be a hit in the business world as it's great for presentations.

The real big seller with this new invention is its price: it retails for only $190 (USD). There are scores of projectors that cost way more than this – some in the thousands-of-dollar-range.

With the sProjector you get quality and your fingertips for a fraction of the price.

Will we see more slick inventions like this on the market anytime soon?