Invention Of The Week? Sondors THIN Is A Light And Affordable Electronic Bike

It’s fast, thin, light, and affordable.

Meet the Sondors THIN ebike, and it offers a ride that you have never experienced before, according to its team of inventors in Malibu, California. 

With the single press of the thumb throttle, these new wheels will propel you on a unique adventure through busy city streets. This showstopper-of-an-ebike reinvents ebike transportation as it utilizes impeccable components and has a catchy and sleek design.

When you cruise around town on this new invention you will turn heads and drop jaws as Sondors THIN is flawless in style and is superior in performance. Its inventors claim there is no ebike like it on the market.

Charged And Ready To Go

This new ebike is equipped with a Panasonic single-cell battery, and with the click of a button you will be gliding on the streets without lifting a toe. And when you arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat, you will also enjoy the fact that this ebike is portable, which means that you can roll it into a bike rack or the office without any problems.

And these wheels are powerful. It boats a 350W motor and it reaches 20mph, so you can get from point A to B in a jiffy.

What makes this ebike stand out from the rest is that it weighs 4.2lbs: its 100 per cent aluminum frame is downright lean and very durable for travel on the streets of your favorite trail. The frame was built to fit just about everyone. Those who have tested it were people from 5’2” to 6’10” in height and weighed up the 250lbs.

And it also comes with a Nylon Belt Drive which means less maintenance and you will get around town while barley being heard.

Ready To Ride?

According to Storm Sondors, the brainchild behind this unique invention, the Sondors THIN ebike is ideal for city commuters and college students.

“This type of ebike is designed for a city rider, with fairly smooth streets (thin tires, no suspension),” explains Sondors.

He adds, “The mild-assist hubmotor would struggle on long and steep uphills, like San Francisco, but for any major city that is fairly flat, the 350W geared hubmotor using 36V would actually work quite well. I can see this ebike appealing to college students, simply because the ‘fixie style’ bike with a single-speed drivetrain is already a well-known fashion in that demographic.”

The white colored standard Sondors THIN ebike retails for $499.00 (USD). The upgraded belt drive version in black will cost you $649.00.

Shipping costs are $194.00 in the USA, and $247.00 for international orders.

So, where will these new wheels take you?