Invention Of The Week? Space Case 1 Is High-Tech

So, is there such a thing as the smartest suitcase in the world?

Well, there is now, according to Planet Travel, who has invented Space Case 1.

And now you can have one, or a set of them for that matter. Smart travelers around the world deserve smart suitcases, and the Space Case 1 has all your needs looked after - all while you travel the world for business or pleasure.

Meet The Next Generation Of Luggage

The Space Case 1 has an array of high-tech features that will please the most demanding traveler. Once you own the Space Case 1, you just download its app, and it instantly becomes your new and best travel companion.

First there is the digital bio lock, which allows you to unlock its case with your finger print through its smart biometric scanner. Or of course you can open it through the Planet Traveler app as well.

Then there is the global tracker feature, which gives you a piece of mind in the event your luggage gets lost. The global tracker app tells you exactly where your luggage is and pinpoints it to its exact location. So, if you are at JFK in New York and your luggage is at Heathrow in London, the app will identify its location on a smart-map.

But wait, the features on the Space Case 1 only get better.

We all know about baggage fees nowadays with airlines. The digital self-scale is perfect as it weighs your suitcase on its own. Its digital scales, powered by cutting-edge sensors, get to work with the press of a button and the weight pops up on your smartphone screen.

And we all know about our smartphones running out of juice while airport hopping. This suitcase comes with two external USB charging ports, so you can keep your phone and other handy gadgets fully juiced at all times. There is even a Bluetooth speakerphone so you can chat with your business colleagues or family and friends all handsfree. You can also listen to music as its speaker system is ‘sound’ on every level.

What’s even more unique about this invention is that it comes with a proximity sensor and anti-theft feature. When you are at the airport, for example, a notification text will be displayed on your smartphone notifying you that your luggage has arrived on the carrousel. In the event your luggage is moved or is stolen, an alarm on your smartphone will go off.

The Space Case 1 also acts as your personal-traveling-concierge. Through the app you can easily check your flight time, know your gate number, and check the status of your hotel room.

Smart Luggage Has Arrived

Space Case 1 is perfect for packing clothing and laptops and is more than durable. Whether you use the carry-on or larger sizes, all of the shells are made with polycarbonate. Yes, this means each one is light in weight, but more than strong enough to keep your personal belongings protected.

And it glides with ease as it has 360-degree multi-directional wheels. Space Case 1 is also waterproof, even when its zippers are expanded to the max.

Other features include its ultra-light-weight trolley and an ergonomic gel-grip.

“Consumers are reacting positively to an emerging trend of building luggage around tech,” says Harry Sheikh, who is the founder and owner of Planet Travel and who is the brainchild of this invention.

“We have actually been working on the Space Case 1 for over four years, and believe we have finally perfected the integration of tech into our beautifully designed luggage. We didn't set out to just design a smart suitcase. Our goal was to be the first to offer a full line of attractive smart luggage.”

Prices for the Space 1 vary of course, depending on how many pieces you purchase (from about 300 USD and up).

So will this invention get travelers packing? There’s no doubt about it. Travelers want their personal belongings protected when they are on the road and most of all they want that extra piece of mind in knowing everything is safe and sound.

The next time you are at the airport and your luggage doesn’t arrive, you can walk up to an airline agent and display the location of your luggage on your smartphone, thanks to the Space Case 1 technology - high-tech in every sense. 

They will be impressed – there’s no doubt about it.

With the Space Case 1 you will be one step ahead of the game.

Now you can pack and see the world with so much more ease.