Invention Of The Week? Stone Dome Is World’s Most Affordable Portable Oven

Calling all NFL tailgate lovers and backyard barbecue connoisseurs, your pizza is ready.

An inventor from New York City, NY, has developed the Stone Dome, which is a portable pizza oven. Yes, now you can have real brick-oven pizza wherever and whenever you want.

Facundo Silva is the brainchild behind this unique invention.

“Since the dawn of man, there have been only two ways to get authentic brick-oven pizza taste: go to a real pizzeria, or buy a bulky, expensive pizza oven,” says Silva. “The Stone Dome is a portable self-contained stone pizza oven that lets you cook brick-oven quality pizza almost anywhere you want. Best of all, we’ve worked hard to make sure it’s the most affordable pizza oven on the market.”

Hungry Yet?

The Stone Dome has innovation written all over it.

You only have to assemble four components for set-up and this only takes a few minutes.

The unit is like gas grill, charcoal grill, or fire pit for that matter, as it provides that true taste of oven-wood-fire.

In less than 10 minutes its temperature reaches 550° - 850° F. And it will take you no longer than about five minutes to make that artisan style pizza you’ve longed for while outdoors.

“The secret is the Stone Dome’s unique patented design, which uses radiant, convection and conduction heat,” explains Silva. “The special shape of the Stone Dome ensures that the stored radiant heat is used efficiently, reducing all cold spots in your oven.”

He adds, “The cordierite stone guarantees a nice, even heat transfer for any type of pizza. But the Stone Dome isn’t just for pizza; with our multi-function door, you can bake anything from a delicious cake to homemade bread. You can even roast a turkey.”

The unit comes with an easy-to-carry-handle. And you can take it wherever you go and it connects perfectly on top of a charcoal grill, gas grill, or fire pit.

The Stone Dome Specs:


Steel Dome – Diameter: 16" H: 8” W: 5 lbs.

Door – L: 13" H: 4 1/2" W: 1 lb.

Air Exhaust – Diameter: 3" H: 3" W: 1.5 lbs.

Thermometer Gauge Range - 200° - 1000° F


Cordierite Stone – Diameter: 13.5" H: 0.5" W: 3 lbs.

Temperature ranges 200° - 1000° F or 93° - 537° C

Cook Perfect Pizza From The Oven

This invention will certainly appeal to all sorts of tailgate fanatics, and camping and backyard enthusiasts.

Now you can have the best home cooked pizza while outdoors and the days of calling your favorite pizza place for a delivery might just become a thing of the past.

And the good news with this portable unit is that you can cook so many other foods up in it. You name it and the Stone Dome will cool it up, while offering you that authentic wood-oven taste.

Even better is that Stone Dome only costs $79.00 (USD) and it will last you quite a while. If you use it once a week or so you will get a few good years use out of it. If you use it all the time, then you will have to replace it more often. But then again the price is right, so even buying one a year does not mean you will be ‘breaking the bank.’

So, what kind of toppings would you like on that pizza?