Invention Of The Week? Take A Nebia Shower And Save Serious Money

We all know that water costs money. And when it comes to keeping ourselves clean it’s no secret that showering is a big money gulper.

However a team of inventors from San Francisco, CA, have found a way to save homeowners and businesses bundles of money.

Carlos Gomez Andonaegui and Philip Winter have developed Nebia, which is an easy-to-install-shower-unit that has an “adjustable bracelet and a portable wand that showers with water like you have never experienced before in your life.”

Nebia is short for Nebbia in Italian, meaning mist.

“We set out to create a shower that leaves you feeling clean, refreshed, and ready to meet what’s next,” explains the business duo. “Hundreds of people have showered under Nebia and the feedback we have received has been phenomenal. Now we are ready to share Nebia with the world.”

Nebia: A Sensational Money Saving Tool

Nebia spits out water into literally millions of teeny-tiny droplets and has a much larger surface area compared to standard showerheads. The benefit of the enhanced surface area is that more water actually hits your body, making you feel nice and clean and refreshed in every sense. Nebia actually uses 70 percent less water compared to your run-of-the-mill showerhead, thanks to its more enhanced surface area and cutting-edge technology.

“The combination of Nebia’s water and energy savings translates to lower monthly utility bills… You’ll not only feel good about using Nebia on a daily basis; your pocketbook will also thank you,” writes the team on its website.

Here are the potential savings you can get when using Nebia on a yearly basis (based on cost of water and heating water in the State of California):

-    A four-person household: 21 Thousand Gallons/$397.00 a year
-    A gym with 5,000 members: 1.2 million gallons/$22,000 a year
-    If everyone in California Used Nebia: 203 billion gallons: $3.9 billion a year

This invention is great for our environment. Using less water and energy helps reduce our environmental footprint.

This Really Is Rocket Science!

The design and functionality of this new shower-unit is sound on every level.

Its head, arm, bracelet and wand are all coated in silver, giving it that futuristic look.

And Nebia was designed for everyone - from small children to amateur and professional athletes. Small people, tall people, and big people will all enjoy using this 27-inch changeable mounted sliding bracket, 45° tilt showerhead, and a removable mounted hand-wand. They all work in sync to offer a shower experience like no other. 

Its team of inventors utilized aerospace technologies of sorts in order to develop Nebia.

The team indicates that they “incorporated technology used in aeronautical applications to optimize every aspect of our breakthrough shower nozzle, resulting in our H2MICRO technology. Every new iteration was made to solve a complex engineering challenge that has limited innovation for over a century.”

Will this new invention be a hit on the market? Of course it will – it will save everyone money and this is what people like to hear. And everyone is applauding the fact that this new invention is environmentally friendly, so this will help with sales too. Everyone will also enjoy the fact that they will feel revitalized with a shower device that uses 70 percent less water.

Nebia is now retailing for $399.00 (USD).