Invention Of The Week? Teslasuit Lets You Feel What You Play

A team of inventors in London, UK, are revolutionizing the future of virtual reality and gaming.

The Teslasuit has just launched and it’s a full-body haptic suit that lets you feel the world of virtual reality you are experiencing.

“The Teslasuit is the world’s first full-body haptic suit that lets you feel what you play,” explains its team of inventors. “It is a revolutionary smart textile gaming suit that allows you to interact with virtual environments like never before. Our electro-tactile haptic feedback system gives you the ability to touch and feel objects inside the virtual world.”

Erasing the Boundaries Between Two Worlds

This new invention, which includes a VR headset, doubles as wearable computer and a full body controller.

So, let’s get to the good part: how does it work?

The technology stimulates one’s body with slight electric pulses, providing an array of sensations: touch, virtual huge, virtual bullet shot to the body, and heat and cold.

The Teslasuit took three years to develop, and it is built with smart textile which means each one is washable.

The T-belt is the technology’s main control hub. It provides wireless connectivity to loads of tech: “virtual reality headsets, such as the Oculus, Google Glass, META Space Glasses, HTC Vive & Valve Room-Scale, PlaystationVR, OSVR, Microsoft HoloLens & Epson Moverio smartglasses, as well as game consoles (PSP, Xbox), PCs, tablets and smartphones using WiFi and Bluetooth.”

The features with the Teslasuit are out of this world. Yes, this invention erases the boundaries between our world and the VR world.

The virtual meeting feature allows users to set-up meetings using their VR headsets or a webcam with loved ones and friends who also have a Teslasuit. And the sense of touch, hugs and warmth are instantly transmitted.

The haptic editor feature lets you create your own patterns for sensations, and the haptic player feature allows you to play pre-recorded sensational patterns.

Then there is the VR digital paintball feature, which is a cool game supporting tactile feedback. You can play Free For All, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. You can even pick from four characters: Tank, Assault, Sniper, and Medic. Be careful, when you get shot you will feel it.

The World’s First Full Body Haptic VR Suit

There are two options when ordering the Teslasuit: Prodigy and Pioneer. The Pioneer is more of a starter suit that gives you 16 channels, and the Prodigy is more advanced with 52 channels. Both however have Bluetooth 4.0LE connectivity, high-tech internal memory, and are washable.

This invention will certainly go places. There are tons of consumers out there who have waited a long time to actual feel the VR world.

And it’s safe to say that we will see more inventions like this in the near future, and this technology will only get more advanced.

The Testlasuit is expensive, but it won’t stop VR buffs at the cash register. The Pioneer suit retails for $1,770 (USD), and the Prodigy sells for $3,700. 

What VR world will you explore when you get your Teslasuit?