Invention Of The Week? TimeCap Is A Smart 24-Hour Life Recorder

A new wearable camera that just hit the market records your every movement, and what makes this invention extra-special is that it also makes for a cool fashion accessory.

Called TimeCap, this gadget captures video just as your eyes see it, documenting your entire walking life. All you need to do is clip the device on your shirt or jacket and your lifetime moments are re-livable forever.

“You’ve seen other wearable cameras online – but you’d rather be caught dead than wear one of those bricks around?” explains TimeCap's team of inventors based in Oslo, Norway. “Not only are they ugly, they’re heavy enough to sag clothes and make others uneasy around you. Who wants frozen smiles and self-censured conversation? Kind of beats the point, doesn’t it?”

“Time In A Wearable”

Many of us know the lyrics from the classic Jim Croce song: “If I could save time in a bottle the first thing I’d like to do is to save every day till eternity passes away.”

Technology has sure come a long way since the late Croce released that hit tune, “Time In A Bottle.” When you clip on this cool gadget, you get to record all the unscripted and amazing moments in your life. Yes, let’s call this invention “Time In A Wearable.”

TimeCap is a small round jeweled pin which makes for a great conversation piece. It’s discreet, stable, durable, and comes in an array of styles: emerald green, ruby red, black, gold gem, blue gem, and rose gold gem, to name a handful.

The device is great for all sorts of life events, like graduation day, weddings, parties, and dinner dates. It’s also great for documenting moments with your family, friends, and your travels and sightseeing adventures at home and abroad. And for those of us on the more serious side, TimeCap is a great tool for recording conversations or meetings at work.

Whatever it is that you want to record, TimeCap gets the job done.

Wear Your Life Moments

TimeCap’s camera streams video through your phone and which you can easily save on your cloud storage.

The device, which is very light in weight and waterproof, has scores of neat functionality features. Recording is continuous until it goes offline or is powered off, and no one can ever see your videos in the event you lose it.

It also offers gesture control, and a smart power-off feature when darkness is detected for over a minute, or when it loses blue tooth connection. Even better it offers GPS functionality and has 32GB of internal memory.

And yes there is an app for TimeCap and it has so many awesome features: play/pause/stop control for video/audio recording; take snapshot; send/receive signal from recorder via Bluetooth; run in background mode; switch live or scheduled synchronization; play stored videos and snapshots; clip video, image filter and edit; and filter for putting text on video/phone feature.

Your friends, family and followers will enjoy seeing your life story on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, SnapChat), there's no doubt about it.

TimeCap retails for $249.00 and includes one clip mount, one USB cable and 20GB of free lifetime cloud storage.

When will you start recording your life story?