Invention Of The Week? Trident Is An Underwater Drone For Everyone

Sure, there are tons of drones high up above the ground, but a team of inventors in San Francisco, CA, are taking their drone in a whole new direction: underwater.

Yes, the future of ocean exploration has arrived with Trident, which is a drone that lets you explore the seas. It’s affordable, easy to use and it will definitely bring a “sea of change” when it comes to people connecting with marine life.

OpenROV are the makers of Trident.

The drone can travel in a straight line, swerve, tilt, and it maneuvers perfectly in tight spaces.

The team of inventors recently came up with the idea of developing an underwater drone so that they could explore an underwater cave in Northern California. It was rumored that the cave may hold a lost treasure. While they didn’t find any gold, they knew their invention would be a hit among underwater explorers – enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The rest is history.

Explore The Seas With Trident

Trident is loaded with all sorts of features so you can learn more about sea life.

It has a high-powered HD camera which provides superb live video, and its embedded LED lights illuminate areas that are too deep for light to reach, or while diving at night.

Its design is hydrodynamic in shape which means it can travel in a straight line across long distances. Its outer frame is made of over-molded rubber, making it more rugged and able to withstand impacts.

The drone has three thrusters (two on each side in the back, and one on top) that allows for both high speed and precision-control in tight quarters. The thrusters were specially designed for working in salt water.

The thin, neutrally buoyant tether sends live video and telemetry back to the surface (radio waves don’t travel very well through water). It can carry 100mb/sec.

The cable runs 82ft, and longer cables are being sold separately. It has a top speed of 2 m/s and is powered by LiFeP04 batteries, providing a run time of well over three hours.

The software, which is open-sourced, is sound as it “embraces the most intuitive tele-robotic control system possible.” And it embraces “the latest emerging internet standards from HTML5 and webRTC to WebVR and WebGL to deliver a rich piloting experience through just a browser that runs on laptops, tablets, and modern mobile devices.”

Meet Your New Underwater Eyes

Trident is an amazing new drone for underwater explorers. And it is also a great for boat owners and fishermen. Looking to inspect and anchor line? Do you want to hunt for shipwrecks or lost treasures? Trident will take you all sorts of places you have never been.

Is this the first underwater drone of its kind on the market? No, there are a few out there, but none of them are receiving the attention that Trident is getting. Why? Simply because Trident is loaded with many features and it is far more advanced.

The underwater drone retails for $1200.00 (USD).

So, what part of the sea will you soon explore?