Invention Of The Week? Turn Any Bulb Into A Smart Light With Emberlight

Now there is an easy and secure way to control your lights while at home or from across town.

You see, a team of inventors in San Francisco, California, have developed Emberlight which turns any bulb in your home into a smart light.

This technology is affordable and it doesn’t require a wireless hub, which is a real added bonus.

Smart Lights, Smart Home

Emberlight is simple to set-up.

All you need to do is screw in any bulb you have available into the Emberlight sockets, then connect the sockets to your WifFi using Bluetooth. Within a matter of minutes you will be in full control: with a simple tap on your smartphone you can choose a schedule you desire, or program an automated one using the free web based service IFTTT.

This new technology has all sorts of features. You can program Emberlight to dim your lights slowly up in the morning just like the sunrise, so this means that you no longer have to worry about the shrieking sound of an alarm clock.

Emberlight allows homeowners to return home safely. You can have your lights light-up when you are near your house. And you can turn your lights on and off through your smartphone while at home or from anywhere in the world.

Looking to set the mood in your home? With a quick tap on your smartphone you can set the mood and change lighting themes as you wish.

The long list of internet connected devices and services you can connect your Emberlight sockets to are endless. They include Facebook, Amazon Echo, Spotify, and an array of home security alarm systems, and so many more, allowing you to “integrate, coordinate and automate your life.”

This means that you can control your lights by voice command with Amazon Echo, have your lights switch on immediately when an alarm goes off, and you can also sync your outdoor lights to turn on when it starts to get dark outside.

Emberlight: Simple And Secure

According to Emberlight’s team of inventors, “communications between applications, devices and cloud serves use SSL to prevent unauthorized snooping,” and the technology has an array of security protocols to thwart off local attacks.

Smart home can be costly to set-up, but Emberlight is changing all that. The technology they are offering retails for only $49.00 (USD) per socket. Now that's a great deal.

“We know competitors exist in the lighting space. Big guys. Okay, let’s rephrase that... Really big guys. But that's okay, because we’re taking a different approach. As a startup, we have the ability to build a product from the ground up without legacy bias. We decided that we don’t need to push the mainstream connected LED product like everyone else and can build something more flexible that works for everyone,” explains Emberlight’s team of inventors.

“We’ve built a team based on diverse expertise, experience, and passion. We want you to share in Emberlight's vision to bring simple and versatile smart lighting to every home. We’ve been working on Emberlight together for over two years now and have already gone through 16 prototypes, four manufacturing iterations, cleared UL and FCC certifications, and have just started mass production ramp. We are already shipping our product.”

This invention should be a hit on the market among homeowners and even small business owners too. The technology is simple to use, is fully secure, and most of all it doesn’t even come close to breaking the bank.

Will we see more technology on the market like this anytime soon?