Invention Of The Week? Turn Your Car Into A Smart Car With Exlporide

A start-up company in Columbia, Maryland, has developed a unique all-in-one futuristic heads-up-display (HUD) unit that will make your car smart on every level.

Sunil Vallath is the brainchild behind the invention and he says that Exploride is “a safer and smarter way to use maps, listen to music, call, text, or access infotainment in your car.”

So, what ‘drove’ him to develop this invention?

“My fiancé and I used to talk on the phone sometimes, while driving,” explain Vallath. “On one such occasion, while talking on the phone, she got into a car accident. Luckily, she was unharmed. But the incident shook me up.”

“It drove me to look for a solution where I could remain in touch with my loved ones while driving, without putting myself or them at risk of injury. The journey introduced me and my team to several other touchpoints in the driving scenario as well, where intervention of technology could make life better.”

In the USA well over 400,000 car accidents have been caused from drivers being distracted. Smartphones, dashboards, and navigation systems are all ranked as the top distractions for motorists behind the wheel. Exploride is a 6-inch screen and offers a far more safer drive that allows everyone to navigate and be entertained through voice controls and simple gestures.

Exploride: A Futuristic HUD For Any Car

Exploride is loaded with tons of amazing features so that your eyes will always remain on the road.

What’s really unique about this invention is that it has gesture and voice controls so that you can accept or decline phone calls, send texts, get directions, and play music. In order to operate Exploride all you need to do is move slightly up or down, or move to the left or right and use your voice. Yes, you will be in command with ease while on the road.

There is a voice controlled smart navigation system via Google Maps and you don’t need to worry about connecting it with your smartphone while driving.

The specialized dash-cam allows you to also record videos of your entire trip or drive to work. This helps in the event of an accident as you have instant video evidence. There is also a hotspot feature so you can share your data and wifi with passengers.

The Exploride also has its very own app that offers pertinent data about the health of your vehicle. It’s like having an on-board doctor to tell you the status of your fuel, brakes, engine and tires. The app also works as a driving assistant, and it allows you to access your email and Facebook, and it also provides reminders. The Exploride app is also cloud enabled.

Be Road Ready With Exploride

This device has lots of features and it is futuristic in so many ways which might lead many to think that it is very expensive. Not. Exploride only retails for $239.00 (USD), so you don’t have to break the bank to own one.

Will Exploride be a successful device among drivers? Absolutely – drivers now are utilizing all sorts of new technology to keep them and their families’ safer while on the road.

Exploride is a one-of-a-kind device and it ensures you won’t be distracted while driving to the office or on a long road trip. It’s simply and easy to use.

Some simple gestures and voice commands will keep you safe in the driver’s seat.