Invention Of The Week? Wheel Washing Machine And TreadMill Lets You Work It, Wash It

Doing laundry while on the run just took on a whole new meaning.

You see, a South Korean inventor has developed a very unique treadmill that should help get you into shape in no time and it will of course help save money on your electricity bills.

Si Hyeong Ryu is the inventor of The Wheel, which is an all-in-one washing machine and treadmill that utilizes human kinetic power. You will feel healthier when using it, and of course perhaps a bit richer.

“My concept is a washing machine and treadmill that uses human kinetic power. It can help people who live in urban areas who want to more healthy," says Ryu.

“The Wheel is a crossover between gym bike and washing machine by using human kinetic power to save electricity and our nature,” explains the Seoul-based industrial designer. “The power generated from the spinning can be used to wash clothes and the unused power can be saved as electricity in the future.”

High-Tech Hamster Wheel

Ryu’s concept that has been developed into an early prototype – novel in every sense - looks like a futuristic large-size hamster wheel.

And it’s easy to use. You hop inside The Wheel and when you start running the washing machine goes on and washes your clothes.

The rubber surface you run on transfers kinetic energy to electricity, and the unit comes with washtub, eco-washing balls and a thin solar panel to help its power flow.

The Wheel also has a flexible display screen that allows the user to watch movies, videos, and TV, and it offers a unique and easy-to-use interface to control wash settings.

“The treadmill mechanism helps the user for a better workout experience and healthier life,” says Ryu.

The Wheel’s solar panels also collect energy during daylight hours, providing a new energy source.

‘Wheel’ Of The Future?

Ryu’s invention is quite unique that’s for sure.

Question is will his invention receive the right sales traction among consumers in order for it to be a true success? There are all sorts of health nuts out there these days that live in the city, so it safe to assume that The Wheel will sell and of course will be a popular trend among urban dwellers. As well the invention runs on kinetic power and it will prove to be a money saver as we all know how fast the electricity bill can add up every month.

Ryu has not revealed how much The Wheel will cost. The treadmill is state-of-the-art and comes with a washing unit, so it would be safe to assume that it will be fairly expensive but nothing that will break the bank.

Then again with the right branding and marketing scores of urbanites may just purchase The Wheel in order to say: “yeah, look, I got one of those.”

Get your workout gear and runners on. It will soon be time to do some wash.

The Wheel will roll out on the market soon.