Invention of the Week? ZBoard 2 is One Sweet Ride

From the city to the suburbs, we all know that skateboarding has long been a favorite past time for many.

And for those who take to the streets, grocery store and variety store parking lots, and skateboard parks know full well that skateboarding is both a freestyle sport and yet a form of art.

Speed, balance, flexibility, board technique and appeal are all mandatory traits to have while ‘skating to live.’

INDIEGOGO 2015: ZBoard 2 and is hailed as “the lightest, fastest, longest running weight-sensing electric skateboard ever on the market.”INDIEGOGO 2015: ZBoard 2 and is hailed as “the lightest, fastest, longest running weight-sensing electric skateboard ever on the market.”

Skateboarding has even been described like that of surfing: once you get that rush of adrenaline you are hooked forever.

However, while skateboarding has become very popular sport, a company based out of San Francisco, CA, has introduced a new type of board – one which certainly marks a new chapter in the industry.

It’s called ZBoard 2 and it is hailed as “the lightest, fastest, longest running weight-sensing electric skateboard ever on the market.”

These new wheels are getting tons of support on INDIEGOGO – a highly popular crowdfunding platform. In a matter of weeks the team has already raised over $500.000.00 (USD) and their new battery-powered boards will hit the market in late 2015.

“After your first ride, you'll realize that there is nothing else in the world quite like it,” writes the team of inventors on the INDIEGOGO project page. “Even if you've never ridden a skateboard before, the ZBoard’s intuitive control will have you carving in no time with its weight-sensing foot pads. Speed control is completely variable – cruise at walking speed or race to its top speed of 20 miles per hour.”

And the board is so easy to operate. All you need to do is lean forward to move ahead and lean back to stop.

Zboard originally launched a few years ago. However a big criticism from the ‘skate community’ was the lack of battery time, and skaters didn’t like the overall functionality of the board. With this, the team went back to the drawing board to reinvent their wheels and the rest is now history.

The ZBoard 2 comes in two models: The Blue Edition (16 miles/charge. 16lbs) and the Pearl Edition (24 miles/charge .18lbs). There are no other electric skateboards on the market that go this fast for this length of time on a single battery charge.

The Blue Edition sells for $999.00 and the Pearl Edition will cost you a bit more at $1,199.00.

“Our new 500W brushless motor is faster, more powerful, and more efficient than previous ZBoard motors. The brushless design allows for more natural coasting, allowing you to push the ZBoard when the battery expires or is turned off,” writes the team.

They add, “By using waterproof connectors the ZBoard can be ridden on wet surfaces without fear of damage to the electronics…. ZBoard 2’s ergonomic design makes it easy to pick up, carry, and store. Speed up your commute, forget about parking, and enjoy running errands with the most portable electric vehicle on the market.”

INDIEGOGO 2015: The Blue Edition and Pearl Edition.INDIEGOGO 2015: The Blue Edition and Pearl Edition.

The ZBoard 2 is also equipped with LED headlights and teeny small taillights so you will be seen at night by drivers.

The power button on the board also has an LED light that diminishes in color as the battery fades.

And it doesn’t take long to fire up the battery. The Zboard 2’s charger goes from 0-100 per cent in just under 90 minutes.

One thing that is interesting with this invention is that it’s also great for the environment. Its only power source is a battery, so no fuel is required. And it’s great for getting more people out and about so they can experience skateboarding.

Will an invention like this be a new hit among urbanites and suburbanites that are looking to be “stoked?” Most definitely: electric skateboards are now considered “sick” or “rad” in the skate world.

The Zboard 2 is praised as the best in the market. And it is arguably a “new skate of mind.”