Invention Deja Vu: The Instant Camera

You remember the Polaroid camera, don't you? Yes, the camera that allowed you to take many a scandalous home picture of yourself and partner while avoiding the bashful walk of shame in and out of the photo developer. That guy sported enough of a sly, creepy grin when you picked up the photos from your vacation in Cabos. Thank Jesus for the Polaroid.

Yes, many good memories have been captured by the Polaroid. And hopefully destroyed.

Since the advent of the digital camera, the Polaroid has become a relic technology. Now that there's no reason to go to a photo developer (if you even have any idea what that is), and you can view your photos on an LCD and upload them onto your computer for printing, editing and sharing, being able to instantly print your photo really isn't that necessary. It's much more fun to see your girlfriend's naughty home pictures on your laptop, make hilarious edits and then send them out to a few thousand friends when the relationship goes south. Doing that with a Polaroid is much too much work.

Well, in case you missed the Polaroid, it's back, in digital version. The Polaroid PoGo has brought back the instant, camera-based picture printer. Now you have the option of printing that picture out in addition to viewing it on the screen and sending it to computer. Press the print button and you'll get a 2 x 3 in 60 seconds "snap to share", printed on Zink (Zero Ink) paper. No shaking necessary. The pictures are smudge-proof, water-resistant and fade-resistant so you'll get a quality keepsake.

You can find the camera for around $200 at Amazon and the paper will run around $13 for a 30 pack.

While you're going back in time, you can get out a big, burly envelope and mail that picture to a friend, stamp and all.

via: Oh Gizmo!

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Jun 8, 2009
by Anonymous

this invention

i have to pick an invention to search about.. i would like to get the instructions how you made this?