Invention Through The Eyes Of The Dean, On Planet Green

Dean Of Invention starts October 22, 2010 on Planet GreenDean Of Invention starts October 22, 2010 on Planet Green


Dean Kamen, best known for the invention of the Segway personal transporter, will co-host an 8-part series on invention starting tomorrow, October 22, 2010, for Planet Green on the Discovery Channel.  The series, titled Dean of Invention, was named for and after Kamen, as he is now holds more than 400 patents himself.  Though inspiring for all, Dean of Invention is intended to inspire young persons to enter science and math so that they can be a part of shaping their own futures.


The LukeArm, a bionic limb invented by Kamen DeanThe LukeArm, a bionic limb invented by Kamen Dean


In every segment, Kamen and his co-host, Joanne Colan, visit the birth places of recent inventions, meeting with the inventors who describe how their inventions work.  In the first show, "Meet The Microbots," the hosts visit a lab in Switzerland, where scientists are working on a miniature magnetic robot that can operate inside the human eye.

Viewers not only get to meet the inventors and learn about their contributions, but they hear about the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations of dedicated inventors, making the inventors, the process, and the inventions themselves more real and more personal. This, Kamen says, is what will encourage young people to enter science and engineering - you have to bring them to life.

There were so many areas of science and technology to choose from for an 8 episode series that Colan said they decided to focus on 'hot-botton' areas like bionics and mobility, aviation, waste management, regenerative medicine, and brain/computer interfaces. 

Dean of Invention should be an exciting series for all.  "Tivo" it and watch it with your kids!




Oct 22, 2010
by Anonymous

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