Inventor Challenge: Make Life Better At A Music Festival!

Credit: Kaslo Jazz Etc. Summer Music FestivalCredit: Kaslo Jazz Etc. Summer Music Festival Quick!  What new product would be needed for an audience of music lovers at a music festival? Invent it and $5,000 (or equivalent in pounds, rupees, rubles, reals, or euros) could be yours.

Here's the deal. Reckitt Benckiser, a British company which makes about twenty internationally well known products like Woolite, Lysol, French's, Air Wick, and Clearasil, is challenging all creative thinkers to come up with a product that everyone (or nearly everyone) would want to buy if they were going to a music festival.  Contestants must produce a maximum 2-minute video, no more than 2.5Gb in size, and upload it on Reckitt Benckiser's Facebook page.

Reckitt Benckiser is referring to this competition as a Decision-Making Challenge, so the company is very interested in how you think.  Included in the video should be a description of the product, how you came up with the idea, and how you would plan to market it.   You can submit as many product ideas as you have, each on a different video.

The public will be asked to vote on the ideas submitted, and the top 20 videos will then be submitted to a panel of judges. The contest is open only to those residents of the UK, US, Brazil, Russia, Germany, and India.  The deadline for all entries is August 21, 2009; the public will then have until August 24, 2009 to vote on the entries. The competition rules outline all further specifics.



Reckitt Benckiser is a company that welcomes new ideas from inventors, particularly ideas that relate to its core interests.  To help guide innovators to the company's needs, it has devoted a page to specific technologies it would like to develop and another page on how to submit those ideas not related to the specific competition covered above.