Inventors of Santa's Elf Factory Kick Season Off With Halloween Vikings

 Special Events is a creative and gratifying endeavor for any event planner, particularly when you’re supporting a charitable cause. JC Fun Raisers — now in its third year — is headed up by Jersey City, New Jersey residents Michele Nicholson and Roseanna Petruzzelli. Roseanna Petruzzelli & Michele NicholsonRoseanna Petruzzelli & Michele NicholsonAs a holiday activity planned for children of all ages, this annual event will once again partner with ‘KFM Making A Difference,’ a local charity dedicated to autism advocacy.

Party like a Viking . . .

Always looking for new ways to reach out to the community to promote the event, this year the organizers kicked it off on All Hallows Eve, when they distributed ‘Santa’s Elf Factory’ invitations along with candy to children and their parents. However as an astute creative team, Nicholson and Petruzzelli  decided to change things up a little bit by inviting a team of Northerners all too familiar with the cold weather of the winter holidays.

So instead of Santa and his elves  -- who are way too busy at this time of year to leave their workshop at the North Pole -- they recruited the assistance of 12 able adults and two twin toddlers to don attire — this time not in Christmas garb — but as Vikings.

And as part of the night’s activities, the event planners also staged an invasion of sorts with a nearby church. Here, with ax, swords and other weaponry in hand, they appeared to be breaching the walls of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

But all in good fun and for the record, no actual plundering took place — but to the delight of VikingsVikingsparents and their children, it was a festive enactment that caught the attention of hundreds of passerby's that flocked the Paulus Hook district of Jersey City to catch a glimpse and join in the fun.

Quick change artists 

Now that Halloween has passed, the group is regrouping and preparing to change into their holiday garb which includes elves of course . . . but also Santa, Mrs. Claus and the introduction of Snowy the Penguin who has been rehearsing his interactive song games. 

For children of all ages 

So come on out, and learn about all the magic behind what it's like to really become one of Santa's very own helper elves by witnessing their holiday secrets and partaking in typical elf activities!  Event dates for Snowy the PenguinSnowy the Penguinthe 2015 season will be December 5th & 6th (Special weekend for Autistic children), 12th and 13th (general public).

Get your very own elf name and accessories, help Mrs. Claus decorate (and EAT!) cookies, create a toy, gift bag and ornaments, hang out with Frostee at his Hot Cocoa and Cider Café, learn the secret elf dance and then take home a very special photo with Santa!

And it will be introducing see what role this little toddler will take on for the big holiday event? Posing here with his shadow, it looks like he couldn’t make up his mind between Viking or Devil for Halloween?

Perhaps when the winter holidays roll around . . . mini-elf or mini-Grinch?

For those interested, come vist the JC Fun Raisers website and Facebook page to keep up with the preliminary planning before the big event.



Nov 11, 2015
by Anonymous

This Vikings and the Santa

This Vikings and the Santa ELF Factory themes are a great way to support a local charity - great cause, great creative ideas!!!

Nov 13, 2015
by Ron Callari

 Thanks Anonymous - I

 Thanks Anonymous - I agree- great tie-in for both events - Halloween and upcoming Holiday season! 

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cartoonist. His slighlty off-center published work includes trends,
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Nov 14, 2015
by Anonymous

Always good to make

Always good to make fundraising fun and interesting

Nov 22, 2015
by Anonymous

thank you for bringing this

thank you for bringing this to the attention of the world - blessings

Nov 22, 2015
by Anonymous

What a fun and creative way

What a fun and creative way to grow such a worthwhile fundraising effort!! I would have been all in had I been in that part of the country! Best of luck and keep up the great and worthy work!

Nov 28, 2015
by Anonymous

What a fantastic idea for a

What a fantastic idea for a fundraiser, with some promotion it could become an international event!

Nov 29, 2015
by Anonymous

A fun way to do a

A fun way to do a Fundraiser. Nice work

Nov 29, 2015
by Anonymous

You rock!!

You rock!!