Inventor's Marketing Tool Helps Put Your Inventions On Shelves

Ottawa inventor Geoffry Maseruka has created a unique way to help other inventors improve their marketing by actually getting their new inventions on store shelves!

While many new products are marketing on-line, Maseruka doesn't think the online exposure is sufficient to give these products the best exposure.  So he's come up with a way to link inventors and their products with retail venues and distributors that can also sell the products.

Maseruka Invention Distribution Inc. introduces your inventions to a world of small to medium size retail outlets you select as appropriate venues for your product.  If it's a hardware product, figure out how much shelf space you will need in a hardware store and you'll be exposed to the member stores that might carry your product.  Instead of having to swallow the cost of their shelf space, you will pay the retailer directly for the space as well as a designated percentage of sales.

But you, or a designated distributor/representative will have to actually visit the store once a month or so to inventory your product and collect the proceeds, as well as restock the shelves if the retailer desires.

This seems like a great advertising and marketing idea.  And right now, during the initial promotional period, the service doesn't cost anything to inventors, distributors, or stores.

But read the agreement carefully before you sign up!


via New Start From Every Day
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Aug 10, 2009
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