Invincible: Scottish Mountain Climber Takes 1,000-Foot Fall and Tells The Story Minutes Later

If ever I've read a story that makes my mind scream "HOOAAAAXXX!!!!," it'd have to be this one. But seeing how it's coming from legit news sources, and it's not April Fool's Day, I just have to scratch my head and blurt out a big "WTF!!"

In this case, it's a happy "WTF!" because it's a story of triumph and survival. A rare win in the insurmountale battle against gravity. 


Late last month, 35-year-old climber Adam Potter was in the middle of a group climb on the east face of  Sgurr Choinnich Mor in the Scottish Highlands when he slipped on some ice. He tumbled off the near-vertical face, hitting a series of rocks and cliffs before bottoming out. All told, he fell around 1,000 feet. And not only was he alive, he was able to stand and talk. 

Lieutenant Tim Barker, one of the rescue crew members who responded when onlookers called the incident in said: "We honestly thought it couldn't have been him, as he was on his feet, reading a map."

Upon inspection, Potter only suffered some minor bruises and scrapes. No broken bones. No concussion. Minor bruises and scrapes. And he was coherent enough to talk to his rescuers. After 1,000 feet of rocky fall. 

Barker did his best to explain the inexplicable: "He must have literally glanced off the outcrops as he fell, almost flying." 

That's the type of story that movies and survival shows are built on. 

Via: AFP