Invisible Girlfriend: Helping You Fake Your Digital Relationships

Pretending to have a significant other is an activity that we, as a civilization, have been participating in for years for a whole variety of reasons. Beyond businesses that fall under the "escort" umbrella, this isn't the first time we've seen those that aim to capitalize in the industry of romantic deception. 

There's a new business joining those ranks now, ready to help single people all over prove that they've got a love interest for whatever benefit that may bring them. Unlike "I Want To Cheer Up Limited" - the Japanese business that rents out actors to fill various relationship roles, that we featured back in 2009 - this one doesn't recreate relationships live. 

In a day and age where a good percentage of interpersonal communication happens via technology rather than in person, wasting the energy of a real live person for relationship faking purposes is simply unnecessary. At least this new business, Invisible Girlfriend, seems to indicate that with their business structure.

Their services allow you to build your fantasy girlfriend from the ground up, establishing her physical attributes, name and age, career, hobbies, the story about how you met, and more. For a $25 fee your fictional lover will send you 100 text messages, leave 10 voicemails, and even provide a handwritten note. While the service is active, communications will involve making plans for dates, discussing personal details only people in a relationship would be privy to, and generally establishing intimacy every time a communication is exchanged. Should someone spot a text exchange, or listen to a voicemail, they'd have no doubt of the authenticity of the relationship.

At this stage, the company is just trying to attract attention and is taking submissions for those that want to use their services when the Beta officially launches. There will also be a sister site, and the joke is that for $25 you pay to be ignored by your Invisible Boyfriend since that would be stereotypically accurate after all. 

 Vi: Someecards