The iOpener: An iPhone Accessory That Triggers A Novel Social Networking App

The story starts when auto mechanic Tom Ramies shares his crazy idea for an iPhone bottle opener with industrial designer Clay Baker, a former tech developer. Baker, who first laughed at the idea, soon saw its potential - a gadget linked to a beer app that would totally reinvent social networking.... How?

First, the pair (now known as President and CEO of West/280) created the new iPhone accessory, combining a sturdy, but lightweight, polymer iPhone case with a stainless steel food grade bottle opener that slips back into the case when it's not in use. The West/280 iOpener.


The West/280 iOpener 3G/3GS comes in Piano Black and Bright White: ©West280The West/280 iOpener 3G/3GS comes in Piano Black and Bright White: ©West280


But then... there's the connection to BevConX, the app that opens with a click of the switch triggered by... what else?  The flip of the iOpener!  

Yes, an accelerometer within the case senses when the iOpener pops off a bottle cap.  It activates BevConX, the app that lists 1,200 names of popular beverages.  You 'share' which one you're opening on Facebook or Twitter, and your friends get to know where you are and what you're drinking!  

The inventive duo, Ramies and Baker, are even talking to brewers about issuing coupons to their customers who can be identified the moment their bottles are popped by an iOpener.

(Idea: This is a fantastic way to spread the word about new brews from all over the world; maybe West/280 should connect with RateBeer!)

via DallasNews