IP Video Surveillance Space Has Just Gotten A Bit Smarter

Equipped with content aware storage, intelligent networking, analytic detection and object search, the VideoIQ iCVR (intelligence surveillance camera with video recording) represents the initial release in the VideoIQ suite of intelligent IP video products scheduled to be rolled out this year.

The company behind VideoIQ iCVR says that it has managed to solve the storage and bandwidth problems that have dogged traditional network cameras all while transforming video into a security solution that can be used for incident detection and investigation.

The VideoIQ iCVR also delivers cameras and encoders that require no bandwidth except during critical events, because they record everything internally. This solves the bandwidth problem of IP cameras and encoders. And since everything is actually stored on the camera, the VideoIQ iCVR will never lose video recording even in the event of prolonged network downtime. Furthermore, the VideoIQ iCVR product line is designed to work with and extend customers' existing surveillance systems. So there's no need for buyers to completely abandon what they already have in place.

"We have been waiting for analytics to become capable and inexpensive enough so that they can be applied broadly - VideoIQ seems to have figured out how to solve this problem," said Bonnie Michelman, director of police, security and outside services at Massachusetts General Hospital, in a news release.

Ian Palmer
Guest Blogger
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